What milk alternatives can I give my toddler?

What do you give your 1 year old if they do not like milk?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What milk alternatives can I give my toddler?

Mine drank almond milk because she had issues with soy and dairy.


Almond milk. I got the sweetened kind for him.

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They have toddler formula

Water, they don’t actually need milk to drink!

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I know alot of mom’s are giving their kids almond milk. I like it too if, it’s sweetened.

My 2 year old drinks soy or almond milk. She is lactose intolerant and has never had whole milk.

Mine can only drink lactaid

I didn’t. She got enough milk products in cheese, yogurt etc. She still doesn’t drink milk at 2 but she does eat it in cereal.

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They don’t need milk.

My little drank enfamil formula till she was 2 now just has some chocolate milk now and then

They have toddler formula, different milks and pedisure.

Water or fruit juice if old enough to have fruit juice

You can try almond milk, my daughter’s boys like that. My niece was allergic to milk and my sister-in-law bought goat’s milk. Check with your doctor. He may have some suggestions as well.

When my daughter didn’t like the whole milk I added strawberry to it and then she liked and I just weened her off the strawberry until it was plain milk and now she has no problem drinking it. I originally tried chocolate but she didn’t care for that at all.

There is also a toddler formula that is like milk that you can use to help transition

We transitioned my grandson from formula to soy milk but most of the day he gets water and some juice

We use Ripple milk (it is pea milk). Our pediatrician and the nutritionist both said they like this brand the best

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I gave them chocolate and strawberry milk. They’re now 16 and 11 and still don’t have cavities. It’s not a lot of sugar.

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My pedi always say as long as they get the same amount of dairy that equals to milk yoir good.

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What about the sugar free milkshake

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Water with fruit, kefir, ask the kid?

As long as they’re getting their dairy from other things like cheese, yogurt etc then they don’t need milk.

My granddaughter hates white milk but she seems to love chocolate milk

Toddler formula… the can is only 15$ here in canada and it lasts longer than a gallon of milk does … he loves the vanilla flavor

We did almond milk, but only for a little bit since milk isn’t really a necessity

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Pediasure…or Boost shakes. Flintstones vitamins. Yogurt. String cheese sticks. Toddler formula. As long as getting plenty of vitamins and calcium elsewhere…should be fine.

La Chancla đź©´
Orange Juice , water, Mio , cranberry juice , and spinach shakes with veggies in it . Almond milk too hope that helps

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Milk isn’t necessary

They have toddler formula

My sister swears by ripple toddler for her daughter

You don’t need milk after formula or breast milk. They can get it from foods.


You need to talk to Dr due to he needs vit ect so not listen to a fed my baby this he was fine

vanilla soy milk is nice . could try that

None of mine wanted milk (formula or otherwise) by the time they reached 1. You can do milkshakes and as long as they eat yogurts etc I wouldn’t be too concerned. Drink wise water is better anyway

Anyone try Ripple for kids? Thoughts and feedback please :slightly_smiling_face:

Milk isn’t really necessary but we do oat milk around here. It’s thicker than other alternatives so it’s great for smoothies and such.

Try kids yogurt drinks…aor ensure type drinks for kids

We just recently found out that my 3 yr old is lactose intolerant. & before when she would eat cereal, me and her would fighttttt about her drinking her milk. So now we use lactose free milk or almond milk. She’ll drink her milk everytime now. She really likes the almond milk tho, it’s sweeter than normal milk.

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My grandkids drink oat milk. Can also get it chocolate flavor.

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Mine stayed on breast milk til 2. After they weaned they never really cared for almond milk or regular milk. My 4 year old just recently started asking for milk to drink. But my kiddos also do their daily vitamins then they love cheese and stuff so works for me.

Talk to the pediatrician

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My kids didn’t really like milk either. They did love cheese and yogurt. So I wasn’t too worried.

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I gave my children coconut milk

My daughter hates milk but loves cheese of all kinds and yogurt

Almond milk chocolate or strawberry carnation instant breakfast

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Goat milk worked for my oldest and my youngest is allergic to so many things that the only thing she didn’t have a reaction to was oat milk

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Water :woman_shrugging:
Milk is not necessary


My pediatrician said milk wasn’t absolutely necessary. At 12 months they can have water. Some alternatives to regular milk almond milk, oat milk, soy and lactose free( almond- oat- soy are lactose free). Just try to get full fat because they still need it. Also alternative for dairy coconut yogurt, almond yogurt. Cheese and they make lactose free cheese or goat milk and cheese.


Almond milk or oat milk

Whole Greek yogurt and honey with ground cinnamon

Almond milk the vanilla flavor is really good.

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They make toddler formula. My son was super picky and did not want any sort of milk that I gave him. I used the Similac go and grow and it was amazing. Enfamil also makes some as well

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Yop (or any other yogurt drink). Or try to introduce calcium rich foods. It doesn’t need to be a drink. Water is fine.

I would check with pediatrician but I would THINK lactose free milk or soy

Almond milk the vanilla or double chocolate lol

Yogurt, cheese, etc to get necessary calcium requirements. Water is all that is needed for hydration.