What milk should I start my son on?

My son’s pediatrician said to start with lactose free or almond milk due to him being lactose intolerant, what one should I try first? I’m leaning towards almond but want other’s opinions.

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I would try both. Like almond for breakfast and some lactose milk in afternoon. Lactose-free milk dose have some lactose in it. Just have fun with it like you did trying different baby foods.

If you were using a lactose free formula, then you are totally fine to use Lactose free cow milk. If you were using a plant based formula, then you should avoid animal milk all together.
Oat milk is highest in good natural fats for baby’s brain and development, and you can make it yourself super cheap, and easy.

We do oatmilk or almond milk. My oldest likes coconut milk. But milk is not a necessity! Just nice.to have with cereal.
And dairy is hidden in A LOT of processed foods, so be careful!

Almond or coconut milk is what I started my kid’s on.

I started mine on Fairlife

Fair life is good and lactose free