What milk should you give a baby with a sensntive stomach?

What milk should i switch my baby tooi? she is about to be 1 and has a sensitive stomach and is on a sensitive formula…but i am struggling to find her formula so i think i am just going to go ahead and switch her to milk…just didnt know where to start +


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What milk should you give a baby with a sensntive stomach?

Check with the pediatrician before switching her!

I used whole milk with polyvisol vitamin and a tiny bit of kayro syrup for the bowel digestion

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Try regular cows milk. It might take a bit before shes used to it so I’d suggest switching slowly. 1/4 milk to 3/4 formula until she’s used to it. Then 1/2 milk 1/2 formula etc. If it doesn’t work out then talk to her pediatrician if you haven’t already but after one, as long as she’s eating 3 meals a day she doesn’t actually need milk as long as she’s getting her calcium and vitamins elsewhere. My son couldn’t handle milk until he was at least 3. My pediatrician said as long as he’s having yogurts, cheeses (not American cheese slices but the less processed cheese), cottage cheese etc then it was fine.

Stay on the formula for a bit longer

I would ask a paediatrician due to being on a special for formula…. after 1 they shouldn’t have more then 500mls of cows milk a day An they will tell u basically there’s no benefit to cows milk.

I gave mine 2 or 1% Lactaid milk

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Kids don’t need formula at that age and no one needs milk

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My oldest was on sensitive formula but did fine on whole milk.

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U should as her pediatrician not Facebook.


Lactose free milk. Thereate many different types out there. My son was and still is like that.

Ask the pediatrician and see if you can get suggestions for your childs health specifics! All babies are different. My daughter broke herself off the bottle because she didn’t like the taste of milk. She also eats plenty of varieties of food to get what she needs though.

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If you have a dietician make contact with them they can advise better… My son had cmpa when he was a baby so we were strictly dairy free for the first year and half of his life… Dietician sent me a book with alternatives for him he’s a healthy 2 and half year old now and eats a great variety of food but still doesn’t drink milk dairy or plant based so your little one may never drink milk and that’s okay it isn’t a big deal… Pinterest has loads of info as does Facebook groups

All 3 of mine were sensitive and we switched over starting at 9 months and we used whole milk and just slowly mixed in starting with 2 oz milk 6oz of formula then few days later another oz. My youngest has issues so we used soy milk for the first 6 months cus she needed it but otherwise they all did fine.

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Between 1 and 3 most babies lose their dairy sensitivity, so you could try SLOWLY incorporating dairy into her diet, or talk to her pedi about an alternative.

You don’t have to use any milk. You can continue with a good toddler formula, or just make sure the child is getting all needed nutrients through food.
Humans don’t need any form of milk.

But we use oatmilk or almond milk, only for cereal. Other than that it’s water.

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What kind of sensitive formula?
What exactly was she put on sensitive formula for?
How long has she been on it?

Both of my kids were on hypoallergenic formula as babies due to milk protein allergies, but they both outgrew it.
We used a slow transition with both.
With my oldest we started introducing milk slowly around 10 months mixed with the hypoallergenic formula
With my youngest we started introducing gentlease formula around 9 months mixed with hypoallergenic formula

If your baby can’t tolerate even a slow transition to regular milk, then maybe look into almond milk.

Find a nutritionist. My Dr was no help. He said my kids were just criers. Turned out they’re allergic to cows milk. A nutritionist helped me more than my ped ever did. My kids use almond milk. They were bf at her age though. If you’re on WIC they will provide you a nutritionist.

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My granddaughter is the same way I buy her the lactancia and it seems to not upset her stomach

They don’t need milk, just a healthy diet.

This is something to discuss with their doctor.

Goat milk is often tolerated when other milks aren’t.

I recommend reaching out to the doctor. My son was like that and couldn’t handle whole milk so I switched him to goat’s milk for a couple years then he was able to handle cow’s milk.

My grandson has been drinking almond milk (original because the unsweetened is awful) and he loves it. I don’t get the vanilla or other flavors just the original. There’s also original Unsweetened and he hates it, but the regular tastes very similar to regular milk. He was on sensitive formula also. And he still gets toddler formula at bedtime 6oz twice, one at bedtime and around 2am. He’s a bottle baby but he’ll get over it😅

It’s expensive and hard to find but we tried lactaid n stuff n it still didn’t work on our Littles but A2 milk works!

Talk to your doctor.

This is a conversation to have with her Pediatrician, not non professionals ( 99%) that do not know your childs medical history

Try soy milk or almond milk

My son could only take Goat Milk. It used to come in cans at the pharmacy.

Mine had a similar issue and we switched to soy milk