What pregnancy symptoms did you have and what was the gender?

Alright I wanna break the myths I’m currently 8weeks pregnant and curious about the boy or girl myths are semi true I’m wanting a girl but will be happy either way, FHR was 143 at 7wks 3days, currently no morning sickness but do have nausea every now and then, what was everyone’s experiences and what was the gender of your baby?

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Fetal heart rate was on the higher end, only had nausea, was never sick. Craved salt and vinegar crisps with my first and everything savoury…was actually a girl and then my second, heart rate was lower only had nausea again and craved everything sweet. Ended up being another girl :joy: the myths definitely weren’t true in my pregnancies :woman_facepalming:hahaha x

Heart rate 164. Super sick, craved sweets, swelled up a lot, had a boy

My first heart rate was 163 at 7 weeks.
Wasn’t sick in the beginning but by week 9 it was relentless. Still sick and food can’t eat some foods without puking. (I’ll be 20 weeks Tuesday)
I’m having a girl

Every pregnancy is different

My first was a boy, my second was a girl. Never really morning sickness with either. My third was a girl, I had horrible morning sickness. Lost 25 pounds & only gained 11 of the 25 back.