What products should I use in my bi racials childrens hair?

Hey mommas. My children are bi-racial (I’m white, hubby is black), and I have NO idea what product to put in their hair to help with detangling and frizz control with no crunch. Their hair feels like mine but super curly. Any help is appreciated!


Pattern hair product is very good

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I use Cantu on my daughter

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Curly Girls! (Conditioner-Washing Group for Women) join that group! It’s super helpful is learning how to care for curly hair!!:slight_smile:

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I LOVE Oligo black light spray on my kids hair

Olive oil, protective hairstyles, products made specifically for mixed hair

Mixed chicks! It’s the best. You can buy it at target.

Cantu and Maui moisture are great

johnson & johnson curl defying shampoo & leave in conditioner! works wonders for my sons naturally curly hair

Pantene moisturizing cream rinse is great for removing tangles. It is thick so it takes a bit more water and effort to rinse out. I brush the hair in the shower with it in and then rinse it out.

Cantu causes hair loss after a while, so I’d stay away from it.

Do a porosity test and go from there. Not all curly hair is the same and will not do good with the same oils.

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You should definitely watch manes by Mel on YouTube. Very informative.

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Do not use Johnson and Johnson anything for their hair. Use argon oil for moisture. Leave in condition and shampoo from cantu

Carol’s Daughter and Cantu products work the best for my son.

Do NOT use Cantu or curly girl. It is very drying and has alcohol. I have 4C hair and I loveeeee Camille Rose products and Mielle

I use this for my girls both have different textured hair

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Hannah George what you do you use in Blakely’s hair. It’s PERFECTION.

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I use this in both my boys hair. The leave in conditioner takes all the tangles out and the bounce pudding helps define the curls!

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If you aren’t sure of their curl pattern or curl type take them to a salon and have a proper consultation done. Not all curly hair is the same. Look for lightweight products. Coconut oil is heavy so I would avoid it plus it’s to retain moisture not introduce moisture. Don’t wash their hair everyday, invest in a spray bottle with a conditioner water mixture for non wash days. Comb their hair when it has conditioner in it after shampooing. Learn how to do protective styles. Shea Moisture is a great brand and they have a kids line.

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Hes not mixed. But he has crazy curls. I use shea moisture on his (when he let’s me…he has sensory processing disorder). It works wonders.


Products Shea moisture are definitely the best for my daughter’s hair


Also if you can don’t use shampoo too much

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Check out the curly girl hair method on Facebook! It is game changing for curls!

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Shea moisture is the best. I have somewhat coily loose curls. I am half Puerto Rican and white, and as a nurse in the hospital I oddly have a lot of conversations about hair products and a lot of my ethnic patients use Shea moisture as well.

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Please don’t use Cantu it has alcohol in it and will dry out the hair. Use a wide tooth comb to help detangle and after a wet brush use a t-shirt to dry the hair, Use a silk pillow case cotton ones take out the moisture, braid the hair in a couple braid when she is sleeping. Shea moisture has a kids line. Olive miracle is a great product to use.


Aussie has the best conditioner im my opinion


I use shea moisture on my daughter. You want something that doesn’t have alcohols in them, they’re drying. Coconut oil can even be drying.
Look into co washing, & avoid shampooing to often.
I only shampoo my daughter, once or twice a month. Co wash a few times a week, the other days we refresh it.
Look into the curly girly method.

Multi-cultural curl cream

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Honestly, anything natural. Unrefined coconut oil, olive oil… put it on the SCALP. Your nutrients come from your SCALP. And just groom it well.

We have been using the aunt Jackie products and we tried afro Botanica for kids as well. I feel like products don’t fully moisturise her hair so once all my products are finished we moving on to coco nut oil and will stick with natural kids shampoo

Buy small packs of some products suggested above, try them out and you will find which one works for your little ones.

This works great for my girl

African pride hair pudding. It’s AMAZING! It’s the first thing, after trying many, that’s worked for my sons hair!

Curly kids custard works the best for me.They also have a gel to hold the edges it doesn’t get hard like most gels works great.Tried many products you dont want to use anything too heavy. I also use a shea butter grease.

We use the frobabies hair line and love it! It leaves her hair so soft and her curls stay all day now instead of knotting up