What programs do you use for TV?

We live in california and with the cost of every thing becoming nearly to much to handle, seriously considering ditching cable TV as it seems like every month the bill is higher… Our bills use to be below 75 and now it is 130 a month. We only have one smart tv in the house but im willing to buy fire sticks for the non smart tv’s…what platforms are y’all using and how much do they cost a month? Also adding my favorite shows are Yellowstone, Queen sugar, Mayans… My kids are older so we dont require much in that way… Thanks ladies

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What programs do you use for TV?

Get an antenna! I time buy I get over 80 channels.

I only pay for peacock. We use ustvgo, freevee, Pluto, stream lord & soap today.

I just have my internet with Xfinity pay 10 bucks and Amazon prime because they give discounts which is 7 bucks and also Netflix only pay 30 bucks