What re signs of labor?

Ive been having a lot of pain/pressure in my butt all night. Im 34 weeks pregnant. Could this just be from dilation/baby engaging or preterm labor? Im somewhat crampy as well. Its like a dull aching pain with some sharp shooting pains. Thanks girls!

Sounds like baby engaging but it call your ob to be safe

I had that in labor with my son

You’re close girl. Call your OBGYN

Your in labor most likely

Sounds like your about to have a baby! Call your OB

I had that in labor with my 3rd. It felt like my tailbone was going to explode out if my body!!! Not fun!!Hopefully you get some relief!! Good luck!!!

Sounds like labor. Call the doc.

Had a lot of that with my last. She put a lot of pressure in all sorts of places from the very beginning

Get on your hands and knees and rock your hips up and down and side to side…it’ll help readjust baby and might help with some of the pressure…but always safe to get checked

I would go see your dr to get checked. I have had three babies and I do not remember pain in my bottom.