What resources are out there to help me talk to my teen about puberty?

Calling all mom’s of teen girls…do any of you mommy’s know of any good websites to talk to your teen about puberty? I have a 12 year old I think is about to start soon but she is very shy about that kinda stuff. Any good advice?

American girl has books for that. Their is three of the so she can learn about her body


Our clinic has a book they give out.

Go old school and get her to read the teenage version of Chicken noodle soup


Like others are saying, THIS.BOOK. It was given to me when I was young, and I loved it so much. I think they have a whole line of these books now.


You can get her the care and keeping of you. I had it as a kid and it helped me understand

You’re her mother, this is your job. Use correct termology and facts, but the facts of life need to come from you. You’ll need to be able to continue to talk about it when she has questions about periods, blood clots, tampons, sex, relationships. It starts the conversation that really shouldn’t end and should continue into adulthood for educational purposes to help guide her life.