What shampoo and conditioner smells the best?

What shampoo and conditioner do you use that keeps your hair smelling so good?


Herbel Essence (pink one). I believe it’s rose water scented. My mom used it back in the 90s. At one of my visits to the hair salon they asked if I could switch to a silicon free shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using it ever since. :blush:


We use native! The coconut scented one!

I use the aussie ones for my girls and it keeps their hair smelling good

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I use The Earthling Co. :black_heart:

Loreal hyaluronic shampoo and conditioner, purple bottle. Leaves hair smelling amazing and makes my hair so soft

Dove shampoo and conditioner works great and keeps my hair smelling great


Redkin is the best I’ve ever used BUT it is pricey AF. I’m currently on whole blends honey. I also use the miracle nectar in that brand after shower and I’ve gotten compliments from my coworkers that my hair smells great

RedKen 7% shampoo bond and the 11% bond conditioner, so good!!

I love the smell of Pantene pro v, but it dries my scalp out and isn’t good for my hair.

Herbal essence the pink bottle

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I use herbal essence bio renewal coconut with argon oil . Smells great and my hair is so silky. And it’s reasonably priced. :woman_shrugging: my hair smells good for 2-3 days and that’s how often I wash.

Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner always smelled good and it reminds me of my mom bec she used it when she was alive

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l’oréal elvive hyaluron plump 72h hydrating shampoo and conditioner! leaves my hair smelling so good for days and feels freshly washed and soft even days after

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I love the smell of this brand!


The blue bottles of herbal essence with argon oil. Smells sooooo good


Bath and body…a little pricey but if you can find it on deals it’s great! It also helps with my very curly hair and not feeling like I’m scalping myself when I brush it after my shower :rofl:

Herbal essence shampoo, conditioner has always had the best scents!!

If you don’t want anything too expensive this one smells amazing and the smell lasts ages

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I used L’Oréal elvive red one but now I use the dove one I change between the two every now and then so I cns smell the smell, I can’t smell it because I’m use ti the smell but everyone always tells me they cns smell it

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Tigi oatmeal and honey :honey_pot: smells wonderful

I actually love the suave professionals brand. My daughter has very fine hair that tangles easily and this brand seems to work the best and it smells good too!