What shoud I pack in my hospital bag for a csection?

So I’m currently 31 weeks with twins boys. I’m having them in 6 weeks, via c section. What do I need to pack for a c section??? What is the process for a C-section?


Just pack asif your just going to be induced you dont need any special requirements

Comfy clothes and pjs that don’t involve pants are a must!! I brought a few nightgowns and a loose fitting dress to go home in!! Also an extension cord so you can have your phone plugged in but don’t have to reach/twist to get it!!

I’d ask too if your hospital provides a post-surgery band- if not I’d suggest getting one

Pillow. Comfy clothes. Nothing tight. Anything youd normally pack. . . im having my 3rd c section in a few months.

I had a c section 8 weeks ago and the hospital took care of everything I needed but word of advice unless you are super strong and had a c-section early in the morning don’t try to get up and walk around to quick, and also when they put the epidural in the it’ll numb the where the bottom half of your lungs are so don’t freak out if you feel like you can’t breathe I promise you can just stay calm and ask one of the nurses to talk to you. Mine was happy to and it helped so much.

Mesh underwear… some drug store sell them …

High waisted firm knickers, soft, comfy high waisted pj pants. Get a belly support band if possible…

The hospital provides EVERYTHING you need. Except what to wear home. I wore the same dress both times. Also the walking thing, the sooner you can do it the better. I was up walking within 7 hours of my second one (it was the next day with the first), and healing time was so much faster. Don’t over do it though.

Huge underwear that will come up way over your incision…like way up. I just stayed in night gowns, no pants to deal with.

BIG underwear, big shirts, sweat pants, a pillow to hold for the ride home

Idk ur pain tolerance but I’m a bug no no on pain killers so when I had my son via emergency c-section I had the nurse get me a heating pad for my back which did me wonders! But also pack high waisted pants and undies

Depends. Don’t worry about pads and underwear. Was so much easier and I didn’t have to worry about underwear rubbing my stitches

Be prepared for a good leg work out over the next few weeks. You truly don’t realize how much work your core does until you literally can’t use it. All in all though…not a terrible experience. Make sure to keep the incision dry though… Easy spot to get infected.