What should 3 year olds be able to do?

What should my child be able to do at age 3? She can write her name and most of the alphabet, etc. Just curious


It depends 3 of mine could write their first name and identify colors shapes and letters my youngest was reading simple books and knew all his site words he needed for kindergarten by his 3rd birthday

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Dress themselves.
Feed themselves.
Get their own drinks.
Feed a pet.
Follow instructions with several steps involved.
Put on their own shoes and jacket.
Do up their own seat belt.
Know their colours.
Know their shapes.
Simple problem solving.
Make their own bed.


That’s very good! As a preschool teacher, I’ve had 4/5 year olds who can’t write their names or the alphabet. So writing her name is impressive. Counting is encouraged, and number recognition … at least numbers 1-20. Colors and shapes as well. Animals and their sounds.


My 3 year old can say all his ABC sound out all the Alphabet knows his numbers know how to identify works like bike cup cat dog mom dada exit and pleases.

3yr at my preschool. Learn to write their name. Learn the ABC, colors, shapes, animals and their sounds. We also do colors in spanish. The should be able to put simple qood puzzles together. And lots of make believe play to stimulate their imagination. All kids learn at different levels. Some learn fast some take their time.


Mine likes to tell poop jokes. :poop::woman_shrugging:


Wait write her name at 3? Wow I’d say she’s doing really well lol. Mine couldn’t do that til midway through kindergarten


My newly 4 year old gets himself partially dressed (still needs help with his shoes), helps with laundry, buckles his seat belt, can count to 5 (slowly learning), can say some of the alphabet, sings baby shark and half of Blippis songs perfectly :rofl: and he is almost all the way potty trained (working on wiping when he goes number 2). His grandpa taught him how to put a hotdog in the microwave for 30 seconds too, trying to unteach him that :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:


In addition to working out the brain, you should also work on her gross motor skills! When my daughter went to preschool a month after turning 3, she suddenly started learning stuff that I honestly never even thought to teach her! Balancing on one leg, skipping, jumping (both feet and one foot at a time) walking backwards, crabwalk. These are all things that a lot of people don’t think to teach their kids but can help build up important muscles early on. I made into a game. We would take turns picking, every night at bedtime we would go to her bedroom a different way. Hopping on one foot, crawling, slither like a snake, walk backwards…she loved it and learned new things! I have started teaching my 20mo some of these. He just learned to jump and thinks its the best thing ever!:joy:


Mine does my taxes :smirk:


Each child is very different. My daughter certainly couldn’t spell her name but she could count to 11, knew all her colors, most shapes, some animals and the sounds they make, sing her ABCs song almost all the way through. My son is two and still struggling with pronouncing any words lol but they are being taught both English and Spanish. My daughter understands both and respond in both languages.

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My daughter knows her abcs, counts to 11, knows her basic shapes and colors, can dress herself and can figure out how to get to cocomelon on pretty much any phone. But right now her specialty is hating things. :joy: Threenager for real.


My son can count to 20 but hardly knows his abc’s. He can tell you colors and we are working on shapes. But he can certainly tell you all the trains from Thomas and friends :joy::joy:

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I have a 1, 2, 3, and 5 year old. Just keep giving information and learning time and he/she will set a pace for you :heart:

My 4yr can count to 100 knows her ABC numbers identify letters an number not all knows her shapes can color in lines dresses her self takes bath by her self washes her own hair an untangled it puts her shoes on

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Some of these comments are so funny :laughing: my 2 year old can count to 10 in both English and Spanish knows his colors and animal names and sounds and he just learned a whole song to one of his favorite tv shows ! :grin:

You could draw a phone number pad on paper and have your kid practice dialing important #’s

Be potty trained or close to being at least

My son will be 3 on the 2nd, and were working on counting to 10 and abcs, he just started saying his own name (he was a late talker so its a big deal to us), he knows most animals/their sounds (some he confuses like chickens with ducks etc), can identify objects such as trucks, cars, bikes, house, grass, tree, etc, as for gross motor he squats and jumps, throws balls with both arms, skips (or as he thinks gallops like a horse), tries doing yoga type poses randomly (no idea where he learned them), can do summersalts(front flips on the ground whatever you want to call them), spins in circles (actually dou le as a cause and effect activity as well he figures out he gets dizzy from it). My son definitely is not advanced nor behind, his dr says hes about average as far as learning. As I said he was a late talker, he COULD talk as early as a year old but would only talk to me or dad he didnt start talking to everyone and really picking tons of words up until a little after his second birthday. He also only spent 2 days in a school type setting, aside from that everything he is taught/learning is from my personal experience in preschools and college course for early childhood education i took in high school.

I think the basics are just like knowing ABCs, colors, shapes and counting to 20. Anything else is probably just a plus. My 3 yr old can spell blippi :joy:

my 3 to year old can count to 20, knows half the alphabet, can recognize numbers and some letters when written, knows animals, shapes, colours, gets himself dressed, can out his shoes on

They are all so different!! I have two boys of my own and have worked with many young children ages 0-5 in childcare for about 20 yrs. There are “typical” milestones for 3 yr olds. Some are; talking in “full sentences” using 5 to 6 words. Getting partially dressed on their own, meaning being able to put a shirt on by themselves, understanding and following 2 to 3 step directions, recognizing at least 10 to 15 letters of the alphabet, especially the first letter of their name, recognizing and being able to count numerals 0-10. Identify basic shapes circle, triangle, square. Writing letters is not a typical milestone for a 3 yr old so congrats to your little one!!!