What should a 28 weeks pregnant baby weight in kg

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My daughter was born at 28 weeks and weighed 952 kg

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Babies can weigh a lot different for everyone at that point. Plus scans aren’t always accurate. They told me my baby was just under 7 pounds at 38 weeks. Had him at 40 weeks… 9 pounds 14 oz LOL

I seen this in another group. It said 31 weeks. So really what is going on here?

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They should be around 1.500-1.700kg.

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Google or ask your doc what the average is.


There’s this thing called Google works wonders


My grandson was just born at 27 weeks and he was 2 lbs 13 oz and the dr said his weight was good. That comes to just about 1 kg

Or you could have all just answered the question instead of sounding rude. So much for Empowering and helping other woman :woman_facepalming: also the average is around 2 pounds. Every baby is different tho but if concerned about babies weight, consult your ob doctor.


Average is 1kg or 2.2lbs

It all depends, every baby is different. Don’t compare other babies to eachother because they all grow at their own pace

One of my son’s was born at 28 weeks and he weighed 1000gms. As said above all are different. I was told my son was told he was quite big for a child born so early.

i agree with Caali Rodriguez i was thinking 2lbs as well :grinning: the last month of pregnancy is where the baby really gains

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Ask your doctor. I can’t believe you are asking such questions to strangers on the Internet instead of checking with your doctor.

Aight…I’m tired of all the dumb ass questions that come out this page,I’m out…GOOGLE ALL YOUR SYMPTOMS OR GO TO THE FUCKING DOCTORS!!!

There is pregnancy week by week, explained how baby develops , weights etc.

2.2 lbs or 1005 grams or 1 kg

2.2 pounds average…

thats like saying how much does air weigh, they are all different


At 28 weeks or roughly 6 months my youngest child was 6lbs

There are way too many factors playing in to the development at that stage to say. I’ve seen anywhere from 700g to 1300g


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2lbs and higher. I had a 26weeker that weighed 1lb 2oz but she was measuring 3 weeks behind.

I had my daughter at 34 weeks and she weighed 2.4kg (4 pound 5oz)

Well I don’t know what baby is 28 weeks pregnant, but he/she should probably be asking their doctor :woozy_face::joy:


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Growth scan. Could give you a rough idea

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Varies, but about 1.3 kilograms.

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My baby weighed 3lbs at my last scan and I was 29 weeks

My daughter was born at 27.5 weeks, was 1.3 kg or 2 lb 14 oz

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I dont know. I dont speak kg, im an American. :woman_facepalming:


Why do people ask ridiculous questions on here, you obviously have internet, just google it

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Why is this turning into a medical page.
People “ASK YOUR DOCTOR YOUR MEDICAL QUESTIONS” that’s why they did all that training

To calculate kg. You take the pounds and divide by 2.2. So if the baby is 1 pound it would be 0.453 kg which in brand new baby land we actually do grams. So 1 lbs would be 453 grams.

There’s a baby app called pregnancy+ you can get to track how much your baby is supposed to weigh/length of baby

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1 pound and half. At 23 weeks I was told my daughter was 1 pound.

Can babies get pregnant at 28 weeks?? :thinking:

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Probably about 3kg unless the baby is having twin babies then it might be a bit more lol

I am currently pregnant at 33 weeks, but for that time my baby was 3lb 2oz… At 35week they will let me know how much she is.

Do the people posting these questions not have the sense to ask their doctor or just simply do an internet search

Have you heard of Google

My daughter was born at 27weeks and weighed 2lbs 7oz, which is roughly 1.10kg.

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At 28 weeks the average weight as a fetus should be about 1.9lbs(900g/0.9kg).

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