What should a 36 weeks pregnant baby weight in kg?

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There no real true weight when your pregnant it’s how the baby grows and it basically a guessing game . I’ve had 4 and they was all super different . They can’t say at certain weeks baby should
Be so big or small baby decides this … just a little tip lol


My 36 weaker weighed 7 pounds 6 oz… but she was obviously on target to be a big baby!

40 weeks and 8.9 lbs. I believe it’s all up to the creator!

I had 4 babies 1st 9lbs 11oz 42 weeks, 2nd 39 weeks 8lbs 2oz another at 39 weeks 8lbs 14oz and another at 39 weeks 10 lbs 7oz :woman_shrugging:t3: just depends on the pregnancy

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I delivered at 36 weeks and she weighed 4.1

I had my last at 36 weeks and she weighed just over 6lbs

I had mine at 36 weeks and she was 6lb 14oz

I had my kid at 34weeks he came out weighting 5pounds 5oz

I’ve had 5 kids born between 35 and 37 weeks, they ranged from 6lbs 15oz to 7lbs 4.5oz.

I had my son at 38 weeks and he weight 7pounds 2 ounces

~2.6 kg if you’re referring to a baby in the womb at 36 weeks

A 36 week baby, should not be pregnant! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I gave birth at 36 week she was 5lb 11oz

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5-6 pounds, if full term would be in the 8 pound range.

I give birth to my son 36 week exact he 6lb 50z

A pregnant baby ? Lol


I gave birth to twins at 36 weeks 5lb.3 & 5lb .5

Great question for your OBGYN.


Google it u will have ur answer

A 36 week baby should never be pregnant

Hi, both my boys were born at 36 weeks. One weighed 3.12kg and the other was 3.7kg.

Might wanna re word this to make some sense. This looks like you’re asking about a pregnant baby.


At 36 weeks our youngest daughter was 6lb 3 :joy:

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When did this group become all about pregnancy and parenting?

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AT 30 weeks my son was about 3lbs at 39+4 weeks he was born at 7lbs. It will vary.

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37.5 weeks was 2.6 kilos boy
37 weeks 2.8 kilos girl

At my 34 week scan my baby was weighed at 2.3kg

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Sounds like something the fan should Google


My baby was born at 36 weeks and 3.58kg :grimacing::sweat_smile:

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I was a 5 1/2 month born in 1949 weighed 1 lb 10 oz spent 4 months in inconbater.

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:woman_shrugging: not below the low birth weight level? Its 5 lbs 8 oz or 2.5 kg

A pregnant baby? Oh lord. :fearful:


36 week old PREGNANT BABY😳WTF😳


The ‘baseline’ weighs OBs go off is:
28 wks 1kg
32 wks 2kg
36 wks 3kg
And 200g per week after that.

Obviously babies vary a lot but that’s what my OB uses as a baseline.

My 36w baby was 6p2oz

My son was born at 37 weeks and weighed 6 libs 13oz

Whatever the it wants? There’s NO set weight for a baby at birth. The best you’ll get is a range, which could be anywhere from around 4.5 pounds up to 13 pounds, and be perfectly healthy. Don’t know the kg conversion, sorry.


About 3kg of actual baby id say

Can y’all stop making fun of her English! You all understand what she meant. Not cool :confused:

Well if your baby is pregnant,the weight is the least of your problems


I was born 3.5 kilogram my brother was 5kg.

All babies weigh different , don’t be sad If ur baby doesn’t match the norm

My first son was born at 36 weeks and 5 days… he weighed 6 pounds 8 oz… I believe that’s 3.09 kg.

It can vary… My son was born at 36wks and was 4lbs 8oz. which according to online is 2kg.

My son was born at 36 weeks 5 days and was 7lb 6 oz. so…google says that 3.35 kg lol

My daughter was born at 36 weeks and weighed 6 lbs and 11oz, which is 3.1 kgs

a 36 weeks baby shouldn’t be pregnant🤔🤦😂

I had one baby boy at 32 weeks and he was 5lb 11 (2.2kg approx.) and one of my girls was born at 40+4 day’s same size :woman_shrugging:t2:

They are all different. My other 2 were 6lb and nearly 8lb x

My baby at 35 weeks was 6 pounds 6 oz.

They all range I had my baby 37 wks 5 lbs 2 ounces. Healthy happy


My son weighed 8lbs 9 oz and was born at 36 weeks 4 days. My daughter is already almost 4 pounds and I’m 31 weeks. (Sorry I didn’t look up in kg) I think it all depends on the pwrson. I’m diabetic so they say diabetics make big babies. If my son was full term they said he would have been almost 11 lbs.

My son was born at 34 weeks at 6lbs 2oz. My daughter was born at 37 weeks at 7lbs 6oz. It really varies.

My son was born at 34 weeks and weighed 2 lb 6 oz

My daughter was 2.78 kg at 37 wks. My son was 3.18 at 39.

My son was born at 35 weeks and weighed around 4kg. He was the biggest baby in the NICU.

They are all different. My boy was born 36 weeks 9 pounds


I think the average is about 2kg

All different. Mine were:

39 wks 5d, 6lbs 5oz
39 wks 1d, 5lbs 11oz
37 wks 5d, 6lbs 6oz

I gave birth at 36 weeks to a 4lb 7oz boy. I also had IUGR that they caught very late

My oldest was born at 34 weeks weighed in at 5lbs 4oz so 2.26kg

Baby at 38 weeks was 4.15 kgs…they are all so different

36 weeks 4 days weighed 7lbs

daughter born at 37 wks & 5lbs even at birth

I had my one daughter at 36 weeks and she was 7lbs 3oz… it all depends

If I remember right my oldest was born at 36 weeks, she was 7lbs 11oz which is like 3.4kg

I can’t believe they let that question get through :rofl:

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Silly question every child is different

At 36 weeks my son was 2.92kg. His full term sister was 3.96kg.

My son was also born at 36 weeks after spending 6 weeks in the hospital in pre-labor and fortunately he weighed in at 6 lbs 14 oz healthy

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39w 4 … 7lb 4oz it all depends on each baby though :grinning:

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Are you trying to tell us something m?

Your 36 week old baby shouldn’t be pregnant tf

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Why is a 36 week old baby pregnant in the first place?


What in the actual fuck are y’all talking about? And stop sending me top fan badges. I comment only to make fun of y’all.

My child was born at 37 weeks and weighed 5lb 8 oz, but she was also below the 1st percentile. Who really knows what’s “normal.”

How in the world did a 36 week old baby get pregnant?

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My son was delivered 2 weeks late… 9lbs 2oz :grimacing:
Hard question, they all come out different sizes.

My 34 weeker was born 6lb 1 they said was a good weight x