What should a 5-month-old be able to do?

hello I have a question
my daughter will be 5 months on the 19th and she has already developed so much… she started lifting her head the first week she was born and now can hold herself up strong, and has a good strong grip. she has always been content, curious always wants to look around and she has already been talking lots and smiling, almost laughing now. she has been a good baby, sleeping through the night, sometimes I wake her up to give her the bottle. She is such a happy baby. And she started handling her soother around 4 months, holding it, bringing it to her mouth and taking it back out repeatedly. Is she developing faster than normal?


All kids develop different abilities at different ages


All kids are different my grandson was walking at 8 n half months

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Just enjoy your beautiful baby


Sounds about how mine was and I would say she’s an average 4 year old now.

All kids develop differently. My oldest was walking at 9 months my youngest is now 9 months and shows no interest in it yet. It’s not a big deal baby will develop at her pace.


She sounds right on track :blush: you can look up milestones for each age/month.
If you play with her and talk to her instead of putting a tablet or phone in front of her face she’ll be “advanced”. I say it like that bc milestones have been pushed back over the last decade bc of lazy parenting😂
My sweet boy is 13 months and was laughing at 2 1/2 months, sitting up at 4, crawling at 6, and walking at 9 months :blush:


My son holds his head up and takes his pacy out and try’s to put it back in and he is 3 months tomorrow. He coos and smiles. He tries to suck his thumb, loves his hands and constantly sucking on them.

Girls develop so quickly
But nothing guarantees they keep up the same pace.

You have a super baby. Congrats. :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy watch her grow & love it all she is her own person & will grow so gast


No! all kids developed different. Some faster than other.

I would think that’s normal. My son held up his head the day he was born and continued to do so, hes been crawling around for months now and can stand on his own for a bit and can suck out of a straw and LOVES to eat regular food because he loves the concept of chewing and he will be 8 months on Tuesday

It is normal and fine. Their is an old saying that says when your baby moves along quickly they are moving out of the way for the next baby so be careful.:grin:


This sounds like normal development, unless you are struggling to meet milestones I think it’s hard to say whether a baby is above average. But we love them above average, regardless :kissing_heart: Get the babycenter app, it will tell you all the average development week by week. I also like the Wonder Weeks because it can help you be prepared for clingy/needy periods with your baby (But you have to pay for it) and also know what brain development is happening to make them fussy. My baby is 4.5 months and almost out of leap 4, being extremely clingy and grouchy this weekend. It really helps to know what is going on for most babies at the age, though.

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All kids are different. This sounds exactly like my first, and a lot like the baby I sit for who is also 5 months (yesterday to be exact). My second born was always miles ahead physically but didn’t sleep through the night until he was almost two and was cranky until about 5 months… Each baby is different. And literally none if this matters when they’re school age.

All mine were like that. Holding their head up from day one n freaking the docs/nurses out :joy:

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Perfect. Mom worry . She’s smart sounds like to me

My 2 week old son holds his head up looks around and can hold his bottle I didn’t know a newborn could do all that till my son was born but every baby develops different

Every child is different. My daughter was the same way

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All kids are different there is no set rule

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Every child is different. My son could sit up alone at 5 months and stand holding on to the playpen rail. Was he over the top? Maybe. Now at 59 he’s perfectly normal.:rofl::smiley::thinking:

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There is no such thing as developing too fast

It’s average my daughter was same way. All kids develop differently. Enjoy your child

My eldest was like that too and so is my 6 week old. She’s already smiling, only wakes once at night and can hold her head up and even sits up on her own if she’s against something. My eldest did the same thing. My eldest knows a lot too she’s super smart and observant. She’s known her colors and ABC’s not long after she turned 1 and walked at 9 months old (she started crawling at 6 months). So far her baby sister is doing the same things she was at the same age, but that doesnt mean anything. She can still slow down and hit milestones and everything differently.

You have an extraordinary child. Enjoy!

Yes she is a genius…You should be proud, Happy Mothers Day…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Sounds pretty average