What should a c-section scar look like?

To the moms with previous c-section’s what does your scar look like now? I feel like mine isnt normal


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What should a c-section scar look like?

Can barely even see mine anymore and it’s been 2 years

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Mine, you can barely see. My son was born in 2014. It’s about 2-3 inches in length. Almost my natural skin color

I cant even find mine n it’s been 5yrs, not sure if I should be sad or happy🥹

Mine is 13yrs old and sometimes still feels numb or itchy. It looks like a red ish crease in the skin. Side not I am also chucky and I am sure that makes a difference

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I’m currently pregnant with my 4th while my youngest just turned 1

Mine (3years old) is just a long thin white line that you can barely see. Feeling is hit or miss but it doesn’t hurt. It gets itchy every once in a while but I mostly forget that it’s even there now.

I can’t really see mine anymore, it’s been 9 years

If you feel that way then it’s probably not… I got a c section 20 months ago and can hardly find it.

Mine 14 years old and had 2 other c sections since then. Second one they cut the same place and the third one they cut slightly underneath. Above and below it about half a cm is numb

Every scar is going to look different

Mines 7yrs old and u can’t even tell I had a C-section my Dr did a amazing job and I healed great I do have friends that didn’t heal very well after there’s and u can really tell they had one Different Drs also

You can barely see mine at 2 years out but it really depends on the individual. Its based on how your body heals. Some people heal really well and skin quality is such that scars all but disappear. Others take longer to heal and scarring is more severe and never really goes away.

Mine is very low down with parts in my pubic hair. Still pretty visible and creates a fold in my skin after 16 years.

I have had 5 c-sections. Last one was 2 years ago. Still gets so itchy especially in summer.

Mines flat and hardly noticeable, emergency c section for twins 11 years ago.

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My first was thin and barely visible. I had a series of complications with the second, so it’s going to be thicker and more visible. I had a post-op infection and necrotic tissue, ended up having a second surgery that they left more open so it would drain.

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Mine is also a very thin white line. The only tell tale sign for me is the wonky tattoo they had to cut through

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Mine is horrible in 2010 I had an emergency c section 4 days later recut due to blood clot so they had to recut me to get it out. They said they can’t glue me closed again otherwise the inside won’t heal just the outside. So for about 2 months I had gauze packed inside it. It healed. Then in 2013 another c section. I have a thick pink line

Mine looks horrible after 5 C-sections :joy:

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Mine is half there and half gone, I was sick when I had mine and I coughed really hard and pulled a muscle so half of it is tucked weird and that’s from 4.5 years ago

For at least the first year I had no feeling on or around it. It was numb.

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You should ask your doctor

If you’re truly worried you should consult your doctor. Fb not the best place for medical problems


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Mines horrible. Bad birthing experience and it led to bad scarring.

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