What should a kindergartener know before starting school?

What did your kindergartener need to know before the school year? What were some of the best school supplies to help them succeed?


I work in a school that is all pre k and kinder. Kinder needs to know the letters and sounds, numbers to at least 30, colors, basic shapes, count to at least 30, 100 preferred, how to write at least the first name but all letters is better, how to cut paper only is great too. Life skills wise they need to be potty trained and be able to wipe well, in case of a potty accident they should be able to undress and re dress themselves with minimal help. They need to open all items at lunch and know how to eat in a timely manner. They should know gow to clean up after themselves with minimal direction and if the can tie thier own shoes they are a super star!!
Basically they should be reading or right at it and pretty self sufficient.
People don’t realize that today’s Kindergarten is yesterday’s first grade. Everything is moved up faster now.
As far as school supplies your school should put out a request list and adding an extra box of tissues or cleaning wipes is always appreciated.


Going to the restroom on their own, knowing how to button or zip up their clothes.
Tie their own shoe or if they haven’t mastered it yet have them wear Velcro…teachers have 15-20 little learners and don’t have the time to tie everyone shoes!
Opening their own milk carton or snack( practice fine motor skills at home to help with this)
Teach them their name, how to write it, identify letters of the alphabet.
They should know mom and dad name, first and last.
Their street address, including city and state(walking through your neighborhood and pointing out these important things will help)
At least 1 parents phone number.
Colors, shapes, math( ex: 2 oranges plus 3 bananas= how many pieces of fruit all together.)
Read, Read, Read to them it helps build vocabulary, listening skills and just good bonding time.

our school gave us this as a starting point