What should an ultrasound see at 5 weeks?

So i’m 5 weeks pregnant or at least I think I am & I went in for a ultrasound & the only thing that showed was a Sac my period been missed for 1 week … is that a normal thing to show just a Sac??? or is it just to early?? Kinda Worried


Sounds about right, baby would be too small to see anything this early, don’t panic…

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I found out at 5w2d and all they showed was a sac. Perfectly normal!

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It’s not usually til your around 8 weeks that you see a tiny bean which is baby

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It’s a bit early. The sac is a good sign. Check again in 2 weeks

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It’s hard to know so early. My first ultrasound with my youngest was so early that nothing was on the ultrasound. She will be one next week. That’s pretty normal for 5 weeks to only see a sac! Congratulations


Yup at my 6 week sonogram all we could see was a sac. Not until 8 weeks we could see a baby, and hear a heartbeat

Its early, around 6 weeks you see what they call a fetal “pole” and it just looks like a line with a heartbeat attached to it lol. That’s what i seen with my son. And then around 8 weeks, they look like little turtles. So perfectly fine mama :heart:

At 5 weeks i showed literally a dot in the sack

I got my first ultrasound with my oldest at around 4 weeks I had found out I was pregnant at the hospital so they wanted to know how far I was they didn’t see anything but the sac then either then i went back 2 wks later for another ultrasound and she was there.

Sounds right. Happened to me. They told me they saw signs of pregnancy but no baby yet. Im 23 wks now. :heartpulse:Just dont stress the next appointment youll see more

Totally normal. I had my scan at 6w3d and they did an eternal ultrasound to hear the heartbeat.

5 weeks is a little early so only seeing the sack is normal. At 6 weeks with my baby we saw baby, heartbeat and yolk sac…when and what you see will depend on the ultrasound machine and what kind of ultrasound they do.

I would say just early.The reason I say this is because I was told the same thing.

Yea that’s about normal for 5 weeks

You won’t see a fetal pole until between 8 and 10 weeks

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Happened to me with my first, went back two weeks later and baby was there. Same with my third, a week later baby was there.

Didn’t your doctor tell you anything??

apsalutly normal my doc also could see just a sac that early then had 2 go back to do another scan a few weeks later and saw a fetus. … so don’t stress

I was 5 weeks and 6 days when I got this ultrasound!