What should I add to my baby registry?

So ima have a baby shower this April and was wondering how much is to much to have on a baby registry?? We don’t have any travel systems or pack and plays on there because we will be buying that our selfs?? Thanks for the help!!


There’s never to much. If they don’t buy it, oh well. You’re giving them a variety to choose from essentially

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What website are you registering to?

The more you put on it the more they have to choose from. That’s the way I look at it and how I did mine. Also guess it depends on how many people you know will buy from your registry.

We did the same, bought the big stuff ourselves and left little stuff for any party thrown for us. This is baby two, so i felt bad asking for new stuff, even though we gave away our old stuff. I put swaddle blankets, bibs, burp rags, washcloths, baby bath(the petal), travel side sleeper, bath goods, binkies, and books. All small stuff people could pick and choose what to grab and aren’t forced to spend a ton.:blush:

Put everything on there friends may group together to buy big ticket items

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Its never too much! Trust me, i felt the same way and my Best friend took over and just selected EVERYTHING😂! Family and friends are super excited and the registry makes it super easy for them. First time moms, and first born babies deserve to be spoiled😍!

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I would register for everything you need even if you intend to buy the big stuff. Target, amazon etc. give you like a 15% coupon to finish your registry.

girl put everything on there! whatever you don’t get gifted you can purchase at a discount

Never to much ladys people will buy what ever they feel anyway put what u want on it and be grateful for what u get

Many places will give you a coupon for things that go unpurchased, so register for everything you need. You may have people who want to get you something you really want/need and may go in with a few other people to get you a bigger item. If anyone asks or gives you trouble just explain that the store will give you a discount and you wanted to be able to save money.

It all depends on what your friends can afford.

We put everything we could imagine on ours. The worst that’s gonna happen is that there is stuff on there that no one buys. It also gives people a range of prices so it fits everyone

Put everything on there. Even pack n play I put one up mostly to save it for later and my mom and dad pooled money and bought it.

I added everything no matter the price. But i made sure there were different things in all price ranges. With my first i had family pitch in and get ALL of our big stuff. Travel system, pack n play, swing, high chair, etc. Put everything on the registry. Even the stuff you know youll buy yourself, bcuz most places will give you a really good discount on remaining baby registry items.


All the things!! You’d be surprised what people will get you. Also, some places will give you a discount for the rest of the stuff on your registry if no one buys it. I know Target does!

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Put everything on it, amazon gives you an option to allow multiple people to go in for big items. I did this and anything i bought myself i just bought off the registry or removed it.

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Put whatever you want on there. There’s no limit

Putting it on your registry doesn’t mean you expect it all. You’re just giving options.

If you are buying/have already purchased things that you only need one of, make sure you put it on the registry and mark it as purchased!!!

I’d put the big stuff on because family may want to go in on a bigger gift together

Never hurts to ask, just don’t be upset of you don’t get it! I had family across the country sending me gifts even though they couldn’t make it!

Put everything you will need on there! Even if you plan to buy it yourself. A lot of places have registry perks. After you will get a coupon to buy something or complicate your registry! We saved 20% on my nursing chair🙌🏻

I put everything I could think of on my registry even if I planned to buy the items myself! Everything from furniture to shampoos went on mine. Nothings too much honestly. People will get whatever they want to anyway. I only had one person actually buy off my registry but I still got the things I needed at my showers.

I always try to get a few people to go in on a gift with me to buy one of the bigger gifts so they just have to get the little things I think the big ticket items are needed first

We put Every thing… like baby soaps and lotions basic baby medicine wipes diapers burp cloths wash cloths baby towels, bottles, breast milk storage bags, baby thermometer, brushes, blankets, stroller, pack n play , swing, baby bath tub, all that’s Jaz even a wipe warmer

Some can afford those bigger items and want to help out like that. Or they go in on it with a few other people because they know it’s needed thing. Good luck.