What should I add to my baby registry?

So my beloved and I are working on a baby registry for our upcoming baby shower and blessing way. We are open to any and all suggestions for the “must haves”…are there products or companies you or your little one love, dear friends? Please let us know or post links! We are so grateful :pray:t4::hatching_chick::purple_heart:


I absolutely LOVE noodle and boos newborn 2 in 1 wash and their lotion. They’re a little pricy but they smell amazing!

Halo swaddlers! I know not all babies like to be swaddled but let me tell you they are nice to have in the middle of the night for a little one who needs to be bound up a little tighter.

This thing is the best.

Omg Boppy
We have the U shaped Boppy and the newborn little nest looking Boppy and we have used them every single day all day

I loved my daughters bumbo seat! Bobby pillow was another favorite. I forgot the baby wash clothes and baby bath towels on our registry’s, so don’t forget about em, lol. Sleep sacks are amazing, a few swaddle blankets are also a must.

Aveeno baby set. Its awesome. Johnson and Johnson burned my daughter so things you ask for like maybe wipes. Make sure you say like “fragrance free”… not everyone can afford to buy you big items so make sure there are smaller items on your list for those that want to get you something but dont have hundreds of dollars. Also. The hooded towels. Dont bother with the baby wash clothes they are a waste. Maybe a baby tub?

I love the Babyganics products. They also were my fav diaper before I switched to cloth. Backpack diaper bags are sooo much easier than regular ones. I used a pack n play that has the bassinet and other accesories for next to my bed rather than using an actual basdinet they will outgrow in a couple months. Bumbo, Boppy, Muslin blankets are my must haves. Register for the convertible carseat as well. I used babyb washcloths but regular towels because the baby towels are thin and soak thru to your clothes.