What should I bring my daughters class for her birthday on the last day of school?

My daughters bday is the day after the last day of school. I wanna do something for her to be celebrated at school though? I was thinking bringing her and her class donuts? Any ideas?


Donuts or cupcakes, just be sure you know allergies and plan accordingly :grin:
Happy birthday to your girl!
(In my experience, teachers would rather celebrate at the end of the day, rather than the beginning)

When my kids were in school they were allowed a birthday cake for the class. So many children seem to have allergies these days thats probably not allowed now.
Best be safe and ask the teacher

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I’d get ahold of her teacher and find out what is allowed and what isn’t. With my son’s school they aren’t allowed to send in anything sweet except healthy food (even for celebrating birthdays) so he wouldn’t bring in popcorn or whatever is on their healthy list.

We did ice pops (our daughters in in June) they are having them outside during the last day


Cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, ice pops, ice cream sandwiches. My three kids classmates enjoyed all these options throughout the years.

I’ve sent in cupcakes, cookies, donut holes, I always talk to the teach and make sure I’m within guidelines and allergies and dietary restrictions for the kids in the class.

That way no kid is left out

This is so kind of you :smiling_face::smiling_face::smiling_face::smiling_face: very sweet gesture

Forsure ask the teacher

I know their is like cake boxes and stuff peanut free. You can make little cupcakes chocolate and vanilla

Ask the teacher, there is so many things now they don’t take.


Ask the teacher if there’s any allergies because you would like to bring something for your daughter’s birthday for the class

My daughter has type 1
diabetes mellitus, I would make fresh fruit cups , the kids love it!

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Check with the school. You may not be allowed to bring in food

Check with teacher first for allergy precautions and they might already have last day treats planned

My kids school doesn’t allow any food items so I have no idea. Maybe bubbles they can play with on recess


You need to check with the school. Some districts have strict rules about treats.

Most schools will accept cupcakes or cookies as long as they are store bought and sealed

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Make sure they are Individually wrapped items Most schools don’t do baked goods

Doughnuts are good. I took 2 packs of glazed doughnuts in for my son’s birthday. There was no arguing over what flavor, just eating icing and leaving the cake part etc. They ate them up and they all asked for seconds. It was a hit.

Cupcakes are what we are allowed to bring, but they have to be store bought

They have changed the rules so much how days… you would just have to ask the school.

Cupcakes in ice cream cones!

Check with your school rules. Some don’t allow food. Some allow only individually prepackaged snacks. Some teachers don’t like cake type foods like donuts because it makes a mess. All my kids school allows is fruit snacks, small toys, pencils. No candy, cake etc. So talk to the teacher.