What should I bring on the flight for my 8 month old?

What things to take when flying with an 8-9-month-old baby? What things to take, should I bring a carrier? I’m traveling in a week, and I’m clueless.


I’m traveling on Friday with my 8 month old so following!

My baby slept Evey time we got on the plane. i fed him right before and he was out!

Take a carrier but check it in. You will have to the baby unless u paid for an extra seat then u take the carrier

Sanatizing wipes cuz it’s yucky on the plane!
Stroller and check it at the gate!

Hopefully you bought his own seat. Then his car seat and strap him in. A few toys a clean outfit diapers wipes and food snacks. Lap babies become projectiles in bad turbulence. You are not allowed to use a carrier on take off or landing you are not allowed to walk if the seatbelt sign is on they must be sitting or laying in your lap

Nurse or bottle during take off and landing, definitely bring the carrier. Clean outfits for both of you in case baby throws up on you.

Lots of fun snacks, new toys from the dollar store that baby has never seen. Hopefully baby sleeps for you! Diapers/wipes, Clorox wipes, basic diaper bag stuff. Check stroller at the gate. Def check the car seat if you plan on driving at your destination. Check tsa requirements for formula/breast milk beforehand. I’m pretty sure they let you through security with whatever you need for baby, but may have to test it.

I just traveled to and from to Maui with an 18 month old. Thought he’d sleep but nope! Lol. All bets are off on flights for us cuz he is very busy. We didn’t care about too much Screen time. So we did lots of stickers, coloring, and Sesame Street :joy:

I’m traveling with my 4 year old right now. On our flight here I had him in a moby wrap. I put a toy on a pacifier clip so he wouldn’t drop it. Extra clothes for both of us, Tylenol for his ears which I gave him as soon as we boarded, and if he was older I’d bring him snacks for sure.

Scary traveling w thos corona thing going around. Be safe


Bring something to suck on, pacifier or bottle and make sure they ulilize it during takeoff. It helps with ear pain from changing pressure

Take a small bag inside your nappy bag which can hold wipes, nappy and anything else essential as there ismt much room in the toilets for a big nappy bag!

How long is the flight and is there a cross over with a substantial waiting period?

Baby should have their own seat and be secured in their rear facing car seat on the plane. Other than that, whatever you typically have in your diaper bag should do.

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Are you serious? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Some toys—— and baby neads

Definitely have a bottle full of something for take off and landing so their ears don’t pop from altitude change and have some gum for yourself as well! The usual things as well like diapers a trash bag for diaper a small toy some variety of snacks you won’t need a carrier on the plane unless you purchased a second ticket for the baby. Take an umbrella stroller to get around before and after flight but be prepared you will be holding your child the entire flight unless you have 2 seats.


Make sure u have a bottle for when ur taking off and landing. Blanket, diapers, wipes, snacks (if your baby eats them)

My kids mainly slept in the plane. If u take ur stroller they will put it underneath for u and then take it out before u get off the plane

Go on your airlines website and see how much liquid is allowed. I had to dump perfectly good formula because it was “too much”. My pediatrician told me to give them Tylenol or Benadryl before. Good luck :blush:

Snacks, a Binki, toys, books and a screen to watch… Diapers

DISINFECTING WIPES !! Something to ease ears , a binky or bottle , but you’re gonna have to have a sealed bottle for the Screen check , the airline could/ should be able to give you the bottle of water… favorite toy , blanket teething ring ?? N I’d bring YOUR CAR-SEAT( IF AIRLINE SAY THAT THEY HAVE “CAR-SEAT” ID SO NO N EXPLAIN YOU WANT YOURS , CARRIER TYPE AS I BELIEVE IT IS LIKE A CAR TOO… turbulence and etc…u want to be SAFE , and I’d bring some type of Baby snack , Cheerios are probably best as they won’t be heavy in the tummy…n just be calm as baby feels what momma feels…if you can I’d actually keep em up as long as you can , so perhaps will be able to sleep…

This page has some good tips!

Test out benadryl right now!! See if the baby gets super irritable or sleeps with it. If sleepy, take some on the plane :wink: if it’s a long flight…mine was 21 hrs with 3 littles


Whatever their fav toy is/are. Anything u would normally take somewhere plus some extra.

I used to travel alot with my baby since he was just 1mont old… bring some bottles full of something like water or milk…toys and maybe some snacks and blanket diaper wipes and most of all enough patience :blush::blush: its not easy to travel with a baby especially when ur just alone with him :sweat_smile: