What should I bring to the waterpark for my kids?

What kind of stuff should I bring with me to a water park for my 5 month old? Like a travel bassinet or play pen for his naps? Also looking for some kind of floating thing for infants that he can sit in while I’m with him in the water. Just bought a family season pass and will be spending a lot of our summer there with my 12 and 13 yr old boys. Any links would be super helpful! TIA!

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Check with water park and make sure whatever you want to take is allowed. Some places don’t allow some things. Our local pool for example does not allow strollers.

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I’d make sure to check with the park some don’t allow floaters for babies. But yes to the items you said and the fan and some sort of shade in case you aren’t under one

I wouldn’t take a baby that young to a Waterpark or pool. JMO

Stroller for naps!
Stroller fan

Call in advance, see what’s allowed. They have cute baby floaties now that they didn’t have back in the day…make sure you get a shaded spot or infest in a big umbrella for shade. You can put baby in stroller or whatever. Just be smart and not get to much sun. Zinc oxide is a good natural sunblock for babies. Water play is great for babies to develop brain. Good luck have fun.