What should I bring to travel with a 3 year old?

Hey ladies! I am considering, very loosely, of traveling with my 3 year old next month. It would be her first flight and the first time I’ve taken a little one on a plane.What do your bring? Do you bring a car seat? Are car seat rentals a thing for where we are traveling too?I have so much anxiety because I have so many questions. I typically only fly with a carry on & I know that wouldn’t be capable.

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I bring carseats on airplane, and install them. There should be a sticker on the back or manual should say if it’s FAA approved.
If ready forward facing, the Graco transitions is a great travel seat.
I bring seats on plane with me because checking in a carseat can result in rough handling and breaking.
I personally won’t so carseat rentals because you don’t know what that carseat has been involved in - improper handling, improper cleaning, car accidents…so forth.
Back a special travel bag for your 3yo - fidget type toys, all the snacks, books, activities to do while on the plane.
I would check in one bag, to make it easier


Very first thing and I cannot stress this enough-- board last!!! If you have an assigned seat, there is no need to rush the plane to get seated first. Your toddler will get fidgety, anxious and bored of sitting for 30+ minutes while the rest of the passengers board the plane. Do yourself a favor and just wait until the last group of people are called to bored you will be thankful later. Pack 1 suitcase for the two of you and be sure to include your extra diapers (if needed) in your suitcase that you will check on the plane. Pack a backpack (this will make it easier for you to carry, while you wrangler your toddler because it gives you both hands.) Only put a couple diapers (if needed) and small pack of wipes if no diapers, be sure to pack the wipes for fingers, nose, hands, etc. Pack their favorite store sealed snacks, chewy fruit snacks help them when taking off and landing because it acts like gum that creates the balance of pressure in their tiny ears. Bring an empty refillable water bottle so that you can get through security that you can fill at one of the stands or in a drinking fountain for them. Cache their favorite shows, download a couple drawing apps on a tablet or phone and only bring one or two toys (they will get lost and dropped and are a pain to keep track of). Kids are pretty chill to fly with if you are chill. They will feed off your anxiety so the calmer you are, the calmer they will be. Good Luck.