What should I charge my friend for babysitting?

So I have a 6 month old baby and I was supposed to start work 12/7 but I had a friend msg me asking me if I am willing to care for her baby who is 3/12 months old for 3x a week for 7 hours. & I’m stuck as to how much I should charge her. Please help .


How old is the child? 30 a day seems reasonable

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$20-$30 a day is what people charge where we are. Talk to your friend and see what she can afford.

When I babysat from home I charged $25 a day in my area average daycare cost is $35 a day

So daycare is roughly anywhere between 200-350 for infant care a week for 5 days. So you could quote her $120-$210 a week and that is for 3 days a week which is $40-$70 a day

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Realistically $7 an hour is the average where I live if the babysitter isn’t licensed but at the same time… there are people who don’t make any money after paying for childcare so it’s not uncommon that some people will offer less.

Find out what she can afford taking into account what she actually makes and come to a middle ground understanding.

The truth is as the baby gets older, child care only gets more and more expensive so this will prepare your friend in the future as well for realistic expectations.

Think about it this way… what would she pay someone else to babysit. If she was your friend she would be fair to pay you that amount as well. :two_hearts:

I work as a teacher in a children’s home. I make 17 an hour at work, and charge 20 an hour outside of work to account for gas. Stand up for yourself girl!