What Should I Do About My Boyfriend Talking to Other Girls on Dating Sites?

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"What should I do about my boyfriend of 2 years talking to other females on dating websites? So had a gut feeling that something was up about his phone. I don’t know what it was. So I looked through his phone and seen he was on 3 dating websites. He was trying to meet up with these women on his lunch. Pay for there gasoline to come see him. He was saying that he wanted a friend to talk too, friends with benefits and such. He had done this a couple of months ago but with snapchat. After I found the snapchat, we had talked and worked through it. Then just two days ago I had the same gut feeling so I went through it again. That’s when I found out about the dating websites. He was saying the same thing to these women. Mind you life is very stressful for us and we’re not like we used to be. But we’re not in a bad place either. We still talk as friends and the sex is good for me to be 9 months pregnant. But idk rather to stay with him and work it out or just end it and move when the baby is born."

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"Leave now, they don’t change."

"Sounds like it has been time to go."

"Girl leave. Point black he is disrespecting you the relationship everything. You deserve to be someone’s only one"

"He’s clearly not going to change. If I was you I would move on"

"Once a cheater…mind…body and soul…always a cheater…he’s already broken your heart… be smart and find happiness elsewhere"

"There isn’t anything you can do about it other than leave. You can’t make anyone respect you, or change their behaviour. Seems like there is a pattern here."

"Run! Clearly this behavior isn’t stopping. Being a single mom is much easier than being a mom at risk for an STD/STI and constantly worrying about a partner cheating. If he is like this now, imagine what he will be like once the baby comes! Don’t risk your health for this man."

"He’ll do it now while you’re pregnant, he’ll do it when babies here, and there after. If he loved you he wouldn’t be looking else where surely, it’s time to leave, you’re only setting yourself up for more heartbreak and tears over what? A man who can’t keep it in his trousers? No!! You deserve better."

"I hope you’re not living together because you are being used! You’re being used either way!"

"If he’s on dating site you are just his fall back girl. Get rid of him"

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Accept it and stay. Or don’t accept it and leave. If it were me, I would never accept that.