What should I do about this situation at school?

My daughter has popcorn day a few Fridays out of the month but not every Friday. Popcorn costs .50c and you have a 2 bag limit per kid. You take the popcorn home at the end of the day and don’t eat it at school. Well my daughter paid for it on Friday 3/8 and came home and told me she didn’t get her popcorn. She said one kid got over the limit and when she asked the teacher about her bag the teachers response was “never mind just go” basically telling her to leave and go home. I’m furious by this. I don’t care that it’s .50c it’s the way she dismissed my daughter 8yo. It’s not my first issue with her this year which is why I may be more upset about this than I should be. I did message her Friday and of course I didn’t get a response. I just don’t see how she can make it right when popcorn isn’t every Friday of the week. My daughter’s feelings were hurt and she is STILL sad about it today, Sunday. I’m very annoyed to say the least.


You have all rights to be upset.

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I would try and talk to the teacher with my daughter present. As the explanation should come from the teacher! Price has nothing to do with it…It is the principle behind the matter…She deserves an explanation, her feelings are valid❤ Based on the received explanation I would then determine my next step.


I’d be up there every popcorn Friday with my $1 in my hand making sure my daughter got her popcorn.


You have every right to feel upset . You paid for it and your daughter was excited about it she should’ve been given it. Maybe get some in what ever flavour she likes so she hasn’t missed out. We buy i big tub of popcorn and we drizzle it in a sauce of the kids fancy. Ie maple syrup, toffee, chocolate, strawberry… they love it


I would be upset and talk to the principal if this teacher is like that.

I’d be upset too , possibly there’s something in your daughter that’s lacking in this teacher as a person and makes the teacher dismiss her like she does but definitely not the right way to handle a student ,teachers should be loving and nurturing .praying for yall.

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I would march right to that bully teacher and bully her back. See how she likes it

Teachers are overworked, underpaid, undersupported, and exhausted. Many work a second job just to make ends meet. While the child’s feelings are valid, it was probably just oversight on the teacher’s part, and the teacher does not need to be punished nor persecuted. The parent should try contacting the teacher again and, being kind and understanding, leave a detailed message (or email). If the mom approaches the situation with maturity, she will not only teach her daughter how to properly behave and handle situations with class, she will also get a better response from the teacher.


Make popcorn and have her take it to school and make sure the teacher knows she brought her own. Tell her you want the money back or she better give her the popcorn for free next time since she basically took her money and didn’t deliver the goods. You don’t want her singled out but the teacher needs to know she can’t just dismiss her like that and she needs to either give the money back or fix the situation. Soo very sorry. I can imagine how upset your daughter would be.


Contact the school. They don’t get to say there’s a limit and then a student that paid for their popcorn doesn’t get any? I always send my kid with an extra dollar so he can give it to a friend that couldn’t/ didn’t bring money. There’s no reason why your kid should have to go without especially after paying


I’m guessing there’s more to this story. While it’s important to listen to your kid, it’s also important to realize that they won’t always tell you the whole story or the whole truth.

A lot of these commenters are the reason it’s hard to find good teachers anymore. This is likely not an event of favoritism or meanness, don’t act like a child like so many of these people are encouraging.

What you CAN do is just include the principal on your correspondence with the teacher. Email the teacher and copy the administrator on the email. It will hold her accountable for her responses and actions. It will create documentation with administration on any ongoing issues, and if there really is a deeper issue, this is how it can actually provoke intervention and change.


Talk to the principal you have to go over these teachers head and go straight to the principal

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Go talk to the teacher in person, if that doesn’t work go to the principal.

Send send your kid with some popcorn and tell her not to buy in to this program anymore. The teacher will recognize what’s happening quickly enough. If they don’t like it or feel it’s so against the rules they want to address it, they’ll have to face you instead of just dodging.


Young one, the more you’re upset the more she’ll be. Make an appointment to talk with this teacher - chances are the teacher didn’t catch it. Explain to the teacher that your lil’ girl works her booty off being good to get such rewards. Ask the teacher if you order at a drive thru and paid for it - and were told to “just go” how would she feel - knowing she(the teacher) had worked for her money to go out -


This has nothing to do with cost this is about principle. I would meet your daughter outside the classroom at the end of the school day with the principal and have the teacher apologize to your child.
I raised my children to understand that in order to get respect you must give respect. Age doesn’t play a part of this. Ignorance is just that.


That’s called theft.

Go down to the principal and file a complaint against the money theft as well as the teacher allowing it. And bring your daughter.
(I’m serious)

She needs to see what Justice is and get an apology. The small things to adults are not small to children : it matters. Not doing so tells her SHE doesn’t matter.

Go fight for your kid :kissing_heart:


Id be going and addressing it with the principal. You gave her ample opportunity to respond. Shes avoiding it

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Go discuss it with the teacher. Tell her what your daughter said. Then ask her if this is the situation as she sees it. Don’t accuse. Sometimes kids don’t tell everything…sometimes they do.


Address it with the principal. These are ages when something like this happens,your child will NEVER forget it. Trust me,my daughter is going to be 33 and still remembers things that happened to her in school. It also helps for your child to know you are in her corner,always. Please let us know how you make out. Shame on the Teacher….ask her if she has kids,if she would want the same to happen to them.

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Call the Principal or the Superintendent of Schools . No one should get over the limit unless the Teacher can’t count . Report her .

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I’d continue to message them until you get a response. Once a day if you have to until they answer. My son’s school does the same; not for this exact incident but they will ignore my messages for a day or two before answering - and not even responding to my message, usually notes about the current day. So I will rewrite my issue into the agenda until it’s acknowledged.

Send her another email and CC: the principal.


Just calm down and make fresh popcorn at home and watch a movie together. Small things like this happen everyday, teach your daughter how to handle it instead of creating a drama about it, it’s not going to help her. Talk to the teacher when you see her next time. It’s your responsibility to make sure your daughter is happy, certainly seems you didn’t handle this the right way. The teacher is not her family, you are.


I would be furious too and on my way to the school! You don’t get to treat my kid like crap because she’s smaller than you

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Call the principal and request an in-person meeting with him/her and the teacher. If there have been other issues, those can be brought up as well. There’s ZERO excuse and espy for the teacher to not get back with you after you left a message. I’d be up at the school.


E-mail her again. If no response then e-mail the principal.

Yeah… it’s not about the amount, it’s about how she treated her and the unfairness, she paid for it fair and square and there likely wasn’t enough for your daughter because of one kid getting over the limit… I would tell them that next popcorn day she gets hers free and that they better have extra because she gets her two free bags plus the bags that she would be getting for the current day


Dis deel van die lewe

in ñ mens se lewe gebeur dit baie

vandag se ouers maak hulle te sag groot
die lewe buite die skool se hekke is baie wreed maak jou kind gewoond daaraan
gebruik die situasie om haar ñ opboende lewensles te leer

vorentoe gaan dit in haar guns tel
vrydag het sy weer popcorn en die voriges is vergete

Why is everyone dwelling on the popcorn itself? They should be answering the question, Why is a Teacher ostracizing her daughter n dismissing HER feelings n may even be leaving a Forever impression n hurt feelings on a young child. I say, Shame on that Teacher speaking to her like that instead of rectifying the situation. Some teachers think they are Superior to rules n rights when it involves minors. My vote is to go in n talk to the Teacher. She may just had a bad day or she might be continuing to leave bad impressions on other students.


Sounds like popcorn day is too much for the teacher. If they don’t eat it at school it should be stopped.


Me and my daughter on popcorn day in her classroom :popcorn: :joy:

Contact the principal about it. She paid, didn’t get what she paid for, and bias was shown as the other kid took more than was supposed to leaving out a kid who paid

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As the parent, call/email the teacher and ask for a 15 minute meeting. At the meeting be kind & respectful and discuss the situation. Don’t let this issue come between you & the teacher.

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I would calm your t***Maybe the teacher was overwhelmed and dealing with other things saying never mind it’s not rude. This is a good learning experience to teach your daughter and simply make it up to her by making popcorn at home. A teacher isn’t going to respond to emails Friday afternoon or all weekend. If this is the worst thing that’s happened. Just wait, it gets worse.

I’d be going into the school as soon as they’re open and telling the principal to get that teacher and we’d all be having a meeting. Also teacher would be giving the money back. Idgaf if it’s .50 that was still your money she took and didn’t use it properly


Something similar happened to mine. They was selling bracelets for $10! Put the money in the folder where it goes with a note saying it’s for the bracelet she wanted. That night shectells me she didn’t get one and the money wasn’t in the folder. Teacher texted back MONDAY and said yes they was sold out and that she never got her money. Yet that afternoon she came home from school with the $10 in the folder in the exact spot I had put it Friday! Some really shouldn’t teach. Like others said don’t send her with money on them days send her with her own popcorn and see what they say since they refuse to communicate properly.

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You have every right to be upset for your daughter. Sounds like the other kid gets special treatment from the teacher and the teacher isn’t very fond of your daughter. I would email her again and if she still doesn’t respond I suggest going to the principal thru an email also. I always recommend emails because it’s a way to have proof unlike phone calls.


If you emailed on a Friday you are not likely to get a response over the weekend.

If it continues to be unresolved I would cc the principal next. As disappointing as this is, you definitely need the teachers side and to give her an opportunity to explain and/or correct.

So you messaged her on Friday and mad you didn’t get a responded to and it’s only Sunday sorry that is a bit entitled why did she need to respond on her off time? 2. While your daughters feeling are valid I would wait to find out what happened you said end of day were they getting thier popcorn and heading to the bus and they were behind so she told her to go? Ppl who think to waste time and resources calling the cops for 50 cents is nuts I’m sure if they ran out she will be credited a bag of popcorn. I’m all for fighting for your child but this is overkill. I see why Noone wants to teach anymore. If your that upset get off fb and actually go and speak face to face and find out the whole story


First of all the fact that they buy it and can’t eat it is stupid. Second why not give it to all the kids. Like really, how much can popcorn cost. Do they really make a profit on 50 cents. The whole thing is dumb :rage:


I’d assume teacher stole the funds and I’d file a police report for theft and have her arrested for the maximum of the law. I’d also have my daughter removed from her class and a no contact order filed against the teacher.

I do not care about the .50 cents but I will go to the school talk with that teacher , I will be sure very sure that my daughter get her popcorn the next time

Please don’t be upset that the teacher isn’t answering weekend emails. For all we know she was stressed in the rush of getting kids to the bus on time after a busy week…and has plans to rectify te situation first thing Monday morning.

The correct procedure would be to talk to the principal. But if your kids school is like mine the teacher treats your kid this way because she can. The principal will just dismiss you. If just stop sending her with popcorn money. Buy a box of popcorn & do popcorn at home every Friday.

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Fight for your daughter mama. If she sees you in her corner on the little things, she will trust you to be in her corner on the big things later on. If the teacher won’t respond, reach out to the principal. You absolutely don’t need to be nasty, but they owe your daughter popcorn and an apology. Teachers are humans too.


Go to the principal and get straight answers don’t lollygagg around

The first thing that came to mind is maybe there is a food insecurity issue with the student who got more. If that was the case the teacher should have figured out how to say so without embarrassing the student. I understand being upset and wanting answers. Maybe your approach is more of a ticked off Karen than a mother who just wants a simple answer. If you start by saying you would like (more passive and softer than saying want) to know what happened that made it so your daughter did not get her popcorn, and that your daughter is really hurt by this. Then ask “How can WE prevent this from happening again.”


I’d find out from school what happened first. Trust me. Kids don’t always tell the truth. As a teacher I see it all the time. Timmy’s mom gives him ice cream money. Timmy gives ice cream money to someone else or buys someone else ice cream then goes home and tells mom he didn’t get ice cream because so and took his money.

I can’t believe how many people are suggesting criminal charges over a 50¢ bag of popcorn. Seriously? We live in a “shit happens” world. The teacher will most likely give the quarters back or there will be a credit for a bag of popcorn for the child on the next popcorn day. Do y’all call the cops when Amazon runs late? Talk to your lawyer when your crap from temu has a delayed shipment? Honestly, I’d be more concerned with the brief dismissal of the teacher (what she said) as it made the child feel unheard.


a teacher is not responding to you over the weekend. they don’t get paid enough as it is, definitely don’t get paid to entertain this nonsense over the weekend.

get a grip.

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Go to school and talk to the teacher if you have a problem again go to principal if that don’t work go to board of education. I have had to all the above before

First of all, why is a school selling popcorn on Fridays anyway!? That’s ridiculous. Second, these teachers don’t give a crap about the kids in most cases. People are leaving public schools and there are a million reasons why. This understaffed and overworked excuse only goes so far. These are kids and need to be treated appropriately. Period.

Talk to the school and find out if it’s run through volunteer group. Perhaps the list is incorrect. Our school was cash online. Then the list was compiled from all payments received and listed by admin. Plus cut off for payment was 2 days earlier, no cash to the school.
Popcorn made and bagged by volunteer mommas put in box for class distribution, no names on bags just 40 to grade 1 , 25 to grade 2 etc. Then students were runners to class. I know every time there would be children come down saying they didn’t get a bag. We always made more bags for this purpose. It was a fund raiser. There was many areas where a name could get dropped off.
If you can volunteer for the Popcorn days. It seems too easy but our school was only 185 students and every time there was a few who said they didn’t get it. Days are hectic, everyone is underappreciated, over worked plus little things that mean the world to some are dismissed. Teachers should be aware of those parents who always include their Littles in events . There’s no reason to dismiss that Littles feelings. Inclusiveness is taught at our school. Plus our school had program parents could add extra $ for the Inclusiveness program so everyone got the treat. Teachers just needed to sign the child up and admin clear it with that little parents.

Yeah I would be annoyed too! And the teacher should have responded to your message.

Sometimes teachers get overwhelmed at the end of the day. Not saying it is right…just saying it happens. We get notes that have to be sent home at the end of the day, parents call and need kids sent home with different people or by different exit doors, we have to cover for other teachers so have twice as many kids, students come back late from specials, and then on top of thos is handing out popcorn and somebody’s name is left off of the list. Parents are waiting impatiently outside to take their children home, the popcorn arrived late, and one child did not get hers. There is no time to stop and figure out what happened. Positive presuppositions will really help. I would bet that nobody planned on stealing your daughters popcorn and if you kindly ask the teacher to help you she will.
But please remember, it might take her a day or two to figure out where things went sideways. If you want to cause a stink and not solve the problem, by all means call the principal, call the police, and scream the house down. If you want to solve the problem, with respect and kindness, ask the teacher for help solving the proble.

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This would be a great teachable moment where you could let your daughter know some things don’t go our way in life. The only thing we can control is how we handle it. I would hug your daughter up and go get her some nice popcorn from a store or local business and tell her you’re not sure why she was dismissed like that. I would call school and address it but let her know you don’t need to get popcorn from school if not treated appropriately. You will set the tone for how she will react to a similar situation in the future. My mom always says walk with your feet if not treated right !


Just like my kids school the teacher will probably have a different story to make them look good. I’ve literally has my son start recording conversations he has with teachers and staff.

I didn’t read all of these comments, so I apologize if I’m repeating another, but there’s a few ways to look at this…

1.) If you haven’t actually heard from the teacher I would slow my roll. The teacher could’ve said “We ran out, but I’m holding your money right here in my drawer until our next Popcorn Friday” & she heard “Just go on.”
2.) If you accuse the teacher of theft and/or go to the school board you are going to look silly. Literally, people will laugh at you (whether in front of you or after you leave the meeting). You need to go through the proper chain of command if you’re going to pursue this. Most likely hear back from the teacher. Emails are good because there’s record of what’s said, go ahead and cc the principal in if it makes you feel better.
3.) Use this as an opportunity to show your child that you support your teacher. Instead of instantly badmouthing the teacher maybe start with “Well, I don’t know what happened, but I’ll chat with your teacher & we’ll figure it out. I bet they’ll have a bag saved for you next time.” If you go on to contact the teacher, principal or school board, your child shouldn’t know anything about it. They should think no more than “it’ll be taken care of”.

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If the teacher won’t respond to you I would go directly above her head and get in touch with the principal, whatever the teacher’s issue is is not acceptable and your daughter shouldn’t have to feel left out or bad.


I’d be there to address it in person. This is unacceptable.


Go in and talk to her face to face so she can’t ignore you

Mom needs to calm down. This is very likely a huge misunderstanding. She expected a returned email on the weekend from the teacher who may have even been on her way to her second job because teachers don’t get paid enough to deal with this kind of nonsense on a regular basis. Patience. No wonder it’s so hard to find passionate teachers in the classroom anymore. Judging by these comments… whew. Tuesday, if no response was given yet, follow up with a phone call. Don’t give money for popcorn until it’s settled. Teach your daughter that sometimes, unfair things happen in life… miscommunication happens in life… and overreacting rarely helps anyone involved.

I’d be going straight to the principal and make a complaint.

In person, no appt.show up talk to teacher at end of daughters class WITH daughter… and have teacher apologize to daughter for being wrong, humiliating her, being dismissive and to say it won’t happen again.
That’s the principle part.
And ask for your .50 cents from teacher, right then.( bring change to make change)
That’s the drive home the point of the principle part.

She should at least given her money back with an apology

Well this is not the same but similar situation. Another child was throwing things at my son from across the room nothing was done about this this child got up and went to the bathroom so my son took it into his own hands. While the child was in the bathroom he took it upon himself to throw the kids pop in the trash. Rather than pulling the child who was throwing objects across the room at my son to begin with. They pull my son from class and make him sit in the office for throwing this kid’s pop in the trash. Now maybe he shouldn’t have touched the boys things which I understand it wasn’t his to throw away. But first and foremost why was the boy throwing things across the room at my son and then allowed to remain in the classroom? But yet my son gets pulled from class and has to sit in the office over something as ignorant and childish as throwing a pop in the trash can? A pop that he’s not even supposed to have at school to begin with!??

Get rid of popcorn day… and do something more inclusive that doesn’t involve popcorn and parents/kids fighting over .50 cent popcorn. Also who know that child that got over the limit could be his only meal for home

You buy it at school to eat at home? What am I missing? Cause wtf, just buy your own at home lol

Oh hell no I would go and face her and make her apologize to my kid unacceptable ! I’m mad for you . Go to the principal address the issue now before she gets too comfortable doing this with her or other kids

I would contact vice prinicble or home association I be mad to

Some things need to be handled in person. Or email the teacher and cc the principal.

My rule of thumb regardless of the situation is contact the teacher. If I do so on a Friday I don’t expect a response until Monday. I don’t answer work emails for free so why should they? On Monday if there is no response you cc the principal asking for her to explain what happened as you’re trying to get a clear picture. Then respond appropriately. Honestly something more pressing might have been happening and she didn’t mean to make your child feel dismissed. I couldn’t imagine teaching and then having to worry about popcorn sales.

Instead of talking to the teacher you’re running to the internet, like come on get off the internet and either pick up the phone or go into the school and talk to that teacher.

Right. I agree with all the comments before this, but what about the kid that the teacher let go over the two bag limit which caused the girl to not get any popcorn in the first place? why was this other child allowed to get more? 

Ugh I don’t get why teachers think it’s ok to talk this way to kids! My daughter is 10, one day after recess she really had to use the restroom. She said she told the teacher and the teacher said “no u don’t, you’re fine”. She said her stomach started to hurt the longer she waited to go. She asked to go to the nurse and the teachers aide let her, so she went to the nurse to use the restroom. I told her if the teacher ever says “no” again to using the restroom, just get up and leave. I’ll deal with it later. So a few weeks go by and she asked the teacher again to use the restroom after recess (they have lunch before recess), the teacher told her “stop asking me and sit down”, so my daughter turned around and walked out of class. She came back after using the restroom and the teacher called her over to her desk and said “if u ever do that again I’m going to give u detention and I will be calling your mom”. I never got a phone call lol but this teacher knows how I am so she wouldn’t dare call me to complain. My daughter didn’t get detention either. I told her I was proud of her for standing up for herself.

Ugh I don’t get why teachers think it’s ok to talk this way to kids! My daughter is 10, one day after recess she really had to use the restroom. She said she told the teacher and the teacher said “no u don’t, you’re fine”. She said her stomach started to hurt the longer she waited to go. She asked to go to the nurse and the teachers aide let her, so she went to the nurse to use the restroom. I told her if the teacher ever says “no” again to using the restroom, just get up and leave. I’ll deal with it later. So a few weeks go by and she asked the teacher again to use the restroom after recess (they have lunch before recess), the teacher told her “stop asking me and sit down”, so my daughter turned around and walked out of class. She came back after using the restroom and the teacher called her over to her desk and said “if u ever do that again I’m going to give u detention and I will be calling your mom”. I never got a phone call lol but this teacher knows how I am so she wouldn’t dare call me to complain. My daughter didn’t get detention either. I told her I was proud of her for standing up for herself.

The saddest point is that your daughter thinks her teacher doesn’t care… can you conference with her ???

You tried to contact the teacher they didn’t respond. That means they had their chance and you go over her head.
The dismissal is absurd regardless of what happened. It should absolutely be explainable to the 8-year-old Why she doesn’t get her 50 cents backor her popcorn.

Imo I’d absolutely go Karen Lite in this situation lmao.

I be calling this school making a big complaint

Go straight to the school and lodge a complaint about the teachers total dismissal of your child and your complaint. That dismissive attitude is teaching your daughter to do the same . She is a teacher!!

Go do something about it all involved that did the little girl wrong should get FIRED how hard was it for a teacher to give back her money ,teacher must of been in need for that 50 cents she atole from that child ,it’s all wrong