What should I do about this situation with my apartment?

I lived at my apartment for about a year and a half well a new company took over. They have not had ke sign a new lease and my original closed out on January 20th and now I can’t get them to give ke a receipt for my rent I paid in. February. I have asked several times with no response besides yes I received the payment but no invoice and no reicpt. I am not really liking this to much. Is this even legal?

If you paid by credit card then you have proof

Pay them only with a way to proof payment. money order, casher check, personnnel check, credit card, etc

Send certified request by mail weekly until you get your receipt (keep a copies for yourself), for next months rent get a cashiers check or certified type check mail it certified with signature required and keep copies, contact fair housing and report the issue. Sounds like either a lazy company/landlord or they may be setting you up to evict. Not sure why but maybe your buildings rents can be raised with new tenants. Good luck.

I would pay with money orders from now on

Ask them via text for a receipt. Hopefully they will respond in a manner that gives you proof in writing on the text that you paid. Save the text messages in case they ever try to say that you did not pay. Going forward do not pay cash. If you have no checks use a money order or some form of payment that you can use to show you paid. Keep good records of payment.

Omg sounds like my new management at my complex