What should I do about this situation?

I have been married for 9 years. We have 4 kids. 3 live at home. We have lived next door to our neighbors for around 5 years. Roughly 6 months ago Hurricane Ida came through and caused massive devastation to our area. The kids, pets and myself evacuated to another state with family while the storm passed. When we went to evacuate my husband had been on nightshift he woke up to me packing to evacuate and freaked. Never gave me time to explain anything. A fight ensued. I left anyway to avoid gridlock on the interstate with the kids and pets. He refused to engage in basic decency for almost 8 weeks because he felt “abandoned” by my evacuation and refusal to return due to the devastation and his abhorrent behaviors during/after the storm. I eventually bought a house and hired a lawyer for divorce. Once doing so he decided he wanted to reconcile. The children and I had been in therapy and against the therapist wishes I allowed him back. It’s been about 3 and half months now and we have a new issue. He never seemed to get past the storm. He radiated hate and resentment. I tried to ignore it thinking it was all in my head until now. He developed a friendship with the neighbor next door. A man in his late 70’s maybe? It should be known my husband had no father and had a horrible step dad from around age 9-15. Well after the storm he develops the friendship with the elderly man next door. Seems fine and him and his wife seem like a nice lovely couple. Out of nowhere a few days ago I get messages from the man’s wife assuming I am a depressed person by my social media posts because I don’t post enough puppies for her liking? Then attacking me personally as a mother. Then telling me I have no say over my own property or marriage because I no longer live there. I told my husband after intensive therapy due to his invasive mother and sister I would not tolerate another relationship in our marriage where I was not respected. He chose the man. I am mind blown. I guess I just am wanting someone to give me their perspective on any of this because I am just alone, devastated and confused right now.