What should I do about what happened at my daughters school?

Hi! What would you do if your kid got attacked and hair pulled by an able kid (non-verbal) while waiting in the hallway of the school? My daughter got wound on her right face but just a little bit, but she was afraid to return to school.


I’d talk to the principal/school maybe they didn’t know your daughter got hurt. Are there cameras where she was maybe look at the video to see what happened. Regardless she needs you to be her advocate.


I would explain to my child that there are people whose brains are not like ours, and it causes for them to not be able to control their actions or emotions.
There are a lot of great books out there you can read together to help with understanding and ease the anxiety and fear.


go to school get them look at cameras and get the kids parents to come on deal with it and show ur daughter they will stand for her rights


It is the school’s duty to do everything in their to prevent any physical harm to their students. This being said it is not the disabled child’s fault either is he is easily prone to attacking others he needs to be monitored at all times. This is not only to protect other children but the child as well. This child may attack a child that is larger and may fight back not realizing he doesn’t know better. This is a situation that needs to be addressed promptly. I would make sure the school is aware of the incident and would asked to be informed as to what corrective actions are being taken to protect both children.


principal talk is a must !! I don’t care if its mother freaking Teresa that hurts my kid, they need to stay the hell away!! principal, teachers, other kids parents and this kis clearly needs an aid to keep him in check as he is violent. no. no. no. do not let this go !!! if you don’t speak up this will keep happening mama.

Part of the contract for"mainstreaming" disabled students usually covers self harm and harm to others, someone needs to confront that issue before the next incident happens in art class with scizzors

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I had this same situation with my son,as I understand the child involved aggression was unintentional I explained to my son just that, the district and Para of other child was very much responsible for allowing a circumstance like that to evolve… As parents we immediately go into Fight flight mode to protect our children But in a circumstance like that we have to understand that a child with special needs May not be able to control Their emotions I suggest that you reach out to the school district I also suggest That you speak to your daughter About children with special needs There are many books available in order to educate Both you and her To understand it further and make her more comfortable with returning to school


When a disabled child kicked my daughter in stomach,I went to school and told them the aide needs to be responsible for watching him she had really bad stomach issues and just because he is disabled doesn’t mean they can let him get away with stuff… I have a special needs child and I don’t let her get away with hurting another child


Talk to the school and have the event (not necessarily a punishment) addressed with other parents. My concern is if this kid doesn’t understand their own strength there could be some dire consequences to the physical outburst(s). It’s a serious concern.
I would also have the discussion with your daughter about the differences and or challenges that other kids may struggle with. This in no way means she should take a beating regardless of a child’s disabilities. But, she can learn to be patient and how to deal with situations in which she may feel scared. She may need some counseling to get past the trauma.
I’m sorry for all involved. This is a very unfortunate situation.

Speak to the principal. The child might be non verbal but you have no idea what provoked him. So find out what happened & go from there. No your child didn’t deserve to be attacked, but by getting answers it might help prevent it from happening again. The child obviously needs a para.