What should I do for a stray cat that is pregnant?

Not really mom related however I am looking for advise. So we moved to a farm in Nov 2019 and their was a couple stray cats well one is now pregnant (she is really a sweet girl kind of like someone left her but idk) I feed her and give her water and provide areas for her to be safe and comfortable around the farm. I want to know how do I help her while she’s in the last term of her pregnancy. Should I house her inside (In an xtra large dog cage with bedding food and water) so she can deliever safely and i can ensure they get vet care or do I leave her alone to deliver out in the woods or wherever she does. Please dont bash me. I will be getting her fixed! Just looking to see what others have done or would do.


I’d move her into the house, that way the kittens are safe and you can socialize them. Then either find them homes or get them fixed and let them be your cats as well.


Yes bring her inside now!

I would suggest leaving a safe place outside for her but don’t force her into it. To much stress if she’s uncomfortable could be detrimental. If she comes around you and lets you pet her and stuff that’s a good sign. I wouldn’t suggest leaving food and water near the area you put our for her to birth in as it’ll attract wild animals. “Assistant vet tech”


I good place would be a large tote with the top duct taped on and a hole cut in the top so she can get in and out but the kittens can’t wander.

She will choose a safe place

I wouldn’t bring her in a crate unless you adopt her and truly take her in. Bonding Needs to be prior to her delivery.

They like to chose a dark hidden spot. Like closet or under bed. Quiet.
It needs to be a box or corner where she can use her legs to push against.
They eat the babies placenta afterwards
And appreciate being petted while giving birth. No too many people in the room while in labor. She nat just trust u to be there or will find another spot.

U can continue to give her water and food it might bring trust so that u can watch over her. Shes an outdoor cat so not sure if she will try and escape.

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I’d let her do her own thing. Cats are protective of their babies and know what they’re doing during these things. I had an outside cat (she was inside and then took off and wouldnt come back in) that got pregnant and I moved her back inside to have her kittens, she got so stressed out trying to find a way out that she ended up eating her kittens


Bring her inside and make a safe space for her.

A lot of humane society’s will fix a female if you bring in the kittens (after they’re weaned) if you don’t plan on keeping the kittens that could be a good option to check out. Then you know babies are taken care of and don’t end up as pregnant starlets too.

On the other half. If you really really want to have her inside for your peace of mind, begin letting her in your house now. Let her see its it’s a safe place. When she is use to coming in, then make a safe place for her inside. Somewhere calm and quiet and away from other animals and such.

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been in a similar situation IF she is comfortable enough with you and with going inside id start bringing her in a little and getting her comfortable but if she isn’t comfortable you have to be careful to not stress her out a lot since it could be dangerous for her to panic from an unexpected/scary situation especially with her so late in the pregnancy. kittens are a lot more likely to die if they are born outside like that so to protect them if possible i would bring her inside to her own little space dont let any other animals in it though or she could feel threatened or freak out by the sents. id also get some milk and bottles incase she needs help feeding them if the runt is struggling and such

Move her in the house and maybe a pet carrier or something similar some towels you don’t mind getting dirty cats like to hide when they go in labour it’s a natural instinct so try and give her a quite dark area and leave her be but keep an eye out when those kittens start coming if it’s a long period between kittens call a vet because one might be stuck

Is that really a question? You take her in and give her a safe warm place to deliver… not a cage … youtube how to watch signs of delivery and what you need… and touch her and kittens often.

As for long term solutions- look for a tnr program in your area. :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck!

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If you leave her to have the kittens outside she will keep them hidden and they will be wild. If you bring her inside you can take her and kittens when they arrive but for the first one to two weeks the kitty eyes will not be open. you also need to be cautious about handling Kitty’s to much they could get sick

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I would start letting her in the house without penning her up to start with, so she can get used to it without stressing. And put the dog pen out on your porch or some other secure but close area, leave the door open and put something soft inside for her to lay on. That way she can get used to the pen too without stressing because she feels trapped. Maybe cover the crate with a blanket or somwthing., So it’s private for her but doesn’t make her feel trapped cover it all but the open door, and cover it loosely so air can flow. Then once she is more comfortable with it, you can gradually move the crate in doors, still allowing her the freedom to come and go as she pleases. Hopefully by the time her kittens come you can close her up in the crate in a private and quiet indoor place to give birth. Good luck!


If she will come inside, yes bring her in.
In September I had a kitten run to me at night meowing. Baby kitten, eating but still nursing.
Come to find out, there were 6. Their mom got ran over… They were feral.
After a lot of feeding and petting we kept 1. Female, not friendly, didn’t meow, and didn’t want much to do with anyone.
About 3 months ago, she came inside😊. Her name is Lulu. About 5 weeks ago she had kittens, under my bed…
Now I have 3 kittens in the house with their mom outside​:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:. She will come to the back door and jump on the railing jump down jump back up until I let her back inside​:joy:.

What I’d do, is contact some local animal rescues. They will keep kitty, then they can rehome kittens, get kitty fixed etc.

If shes nice and calm and you have a large cage for her to move around in then maybe put her in there until later. But keep in mind you will have her and kittens in the house until the kittens are 8 weeks old

I’d bring in her in so her babies r safe from other animals that might hurt them an let them back out when babies r ready

Leave her outside. If shes inside she will be trying to find a way out and get stressed

If she is comfortable enough with you, Id bring her in.

If she will let you, bring her inside

If she’s a barn cat she won’t be comfortable indoors. She’s probably never lived in a house. She’ll know what to do outside.

Leave her outside. She will survive. Feral is feral

If she will let you bring her inside then do it and keep her inside.
If she’s not going to allow it set her up a big dry kennel or secure area away from the weather for her to keep her babies in.

Let her in house if she’ll go in and make sure she’s fed and taken care of

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I would just keep her comfortable outside. Keep feeding her and doing what you’re already doing. She will try to hide when she has them to protect the kittens. If you try to move the kittens she will freak out and hide them again from you, but you will need to socialize with them as soon as you can so they are not afraid of humans. When you’re able to you can take her and the kittens to the vet and they can fix her. She will know what to do don’t stress too much

She be better on the house if u could with bedding an place she felt comfortable to deliver that way mommy an babies would be safe an warm

Just let her be. She knows what to do. No need for us human to get involved with nature when there is no need.

If she will come in let her or u will end up with wild kittens. I wouldn’t lock her up though just place her in it so she get comfortable with it put her water and food there. When it comes time she will go there on her own. If she is litter trained leave her in the house until after she has the kittens then let her come and go as she pleases.

Farm cats will be fine outside, but do get her and kittens fixed. I know I’m my state you can get barn cats fixed for free as long as you commit to feeding and providing shelter. That’s all they really need.

Well, pets are blessings, at least for me, keep her inside, while she has kittens, then you said you can fix her, find a home for babies, that’s all I would do, but it’s up to you , she came to you for help

Keep her inside. So she can stay safe. You don’t want animals like hawks or coyotes to kill her or the babies. And make sure you cover the dog crate. Cats like a place that’s a little dark and warm so they can feel safe

If you’re on a farm you need cats. DAH

Oh good luck. I hope all goes well xx