What should I do for my toddlers birthday?

Okay what do you moms do for a 3 year old birthday when you only know like 2 kids that are close to the same age? My sons birthday is in march and i have no idea what to do. The past 2 years i just did a little get together with family but i want it to actually be fun for him. But i dont know any kids besides 1, and one that lives 6 hours away im also a stay at home mom, so i dont have a day care to send invites to. When my son was in day care alot of people did that, but no longer a option

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Trampoline nation, or an indoor bounce house place.
Lots of kids there he can make friends with and play with :slightly_smiling_face:

We always did smaller family parties for my daughter even when she was in daycare. We did a bigger (bowling) party with friends from school for the first time for her 5th

Maybe take them some place fun for their birthday, such as a trampoline park or children’s museum. Then have cake at home

My son just had a day of what he wanted. His breakfast, lunch, and dinner choice. He also chose the activities for the day. He just turned 4. We didn’t throw a party or anything.