What should I do with my wedding dress?

Any ideas on what to do with a wedding dress? My wedding dress has just been hanging in the closet. I’m trying to figure out if to donate it or maybe do something creative with it. Thanks!


If you want to keep it in the family I’d make dress for your daughters christenings baptisms etc. or the other suggestion for the hospital sounds awesome.

Can get it cleaned and boxed. I did this with my dress (wore my MIL dress as she had no daughters to pass it to) I have it put up in case either of my daughters wish to wear it or a future DIL


There are a bunch of different locations for Angel Gowns. Try to find a local one. They make gowns for the hospitals for babies who don’t survive.

The hospitals can turn them into gowns for babies who are born not breathing.


If you are wanting to donate it I know there are some organisations that make special little gowns for babies born sleeping.


i sold both of mine. (two weddings)

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Donate to a group
Who cut them down and make gowns for babies born sleeping and babies in neo natal who sadly don’t make it
A bridal shop will probably know of
A group who does make them

I made a baptism gown out of mine for my daughter