What should I do?

My husband is an alcoholic, and is wonderful when he's sober but horrible when he's drinking. Well lately he's been under a lot of stress and drinking non stop. Well the other night he was being hateful then nice. So we're laying there and he wanted me to rub his hair which I did and then told him I had to use the restroom as I still wasn't feeling good. Well that set him off and he started bashing me telling me I'm worthless, stupid, a bitch, how I don't even turn him on anymore and he'll go screw a stripper because at least they know what they're doing, how I'm to stupid and lazy to get a job outside of the house (I work from home) but yet he won't hold a job down. He tells me I can't do anything right or won't do anything for him, yet I wash his clothes, make his plates, food, and whatever. He says I'm the problem of why we fight, that if I would just shut up things would be fine (when I try to state something I get told to shut up or I'm trying to flip it to him and not see that I'm a piece of crap). I honestly don't know what to do anymore and feel so defeated.