What should I do?

Ok so I’ve got my husband and two kids one is 16 and one is 12. I’m working during the week and my husband during the weekend he’s security in the bar and obviously it’s the same like he’s going out. All my family and friends are overseas and my in laws have passed away so we literally have no one here. So the thing is i feel sorry for my kids i feel like we don’t do anything and have no fun at all, i find it hard to make friends,i had two but somehow we drifted apart and my kids have few friends each. We are always home we’re not going anywhere and i feel so lonely and lost most of the time and i feel bad for them for missing out on things like having cousins and more family and friends and go out and have fun. As am coming from overseas i don’t know to go places with out my husband and he’s not the person that love to go out much, i just don’t want my kids to be affected by that and get depressed. Can anyone tell me what to do or do you think this is going to effect my kids life