What should I do?

Needing some advice torn on what to do. I left my kids father back in october. We have a 4yo boy and 2yo girl together. since being gone he will take the 4yo boy pretty much everyday when not at work as my grandma watches them while we work. I pay her 320 every two weeks for their care. He does not pay any of it. He will take the 2yo for like 2 or 3 hours every other week ish. I see my 4yo son like once a week bc I’m afraid of him and he will come banging on my door if i have him longer then he wants. I reached out to an advocate who immediatly started the child support process. I did not want this as my EX will FREAK out when he finds out and has threatened me if I were to file that they would either have only one parent or i would have to hide forever. I do not want his money however I do want to see my son at least 50/50 but he is a narc and will not work with me. I’m not sure if i should cancel the child support order for my saftey but the legal team isn’t really helping me unless i want to file a protective order and all i wanted to do was get a custody ordery with both of us in place… my family is bugging me to go through with the child support but im SCARED.

He sounds crazy. Get a protective order and maybe get full custody. No way in hell I would let a man that unhinged near my kids, regardless of who he is to them. Good luck.