What should I expect after my c-section?

C section recovery and what to expect post-surgery. Hi ladies. I’m four weeks postpartum, and I just was wondering about what to expect now. How long did it take those of you who’ve had c sections to have your first real period after surgery? When is it safe to have a bath, I read six weeks, but my incision seems to be healed pretty well. Also, how long did you ladies wait to have sex? Did your doctors tell you to wait till six weeks? Or just once you were back on birth control? Sorry for all the questions, I feel like there’s lots of mixed information out there, I tried keeping it to the point.


That band thing. Which is like a girdle. That is the best thibg ever. You will not have time to recover. Baby will keep your mind at ease.

No baths until you are cleared by your OB at your six week appointment. I didn’t get my period back until 12 weeks but I think that more have to do with if you’re nursing or not rather than C-section versus vaginal.


First period with this one was about 8 weeks for me. Doctors will tell you to wait 6 weeks for sex but I guarantee very few wait…just be super careful because you can still get pregnant before you’re first period. As far as a bath it’s 4 1/2 months since I had my son and I still haven’t had a bath :rofl:

I went 7 week without sex but went slow into it , daughter was born sept 4th and had a period november 10th! And now im pregnant again ahah

I waited six weeks until both times to have sex. My first periods came 3 and 4 months (I have 2 boys). Wait until cleared to take a bath.

Had my staples out at 6 days. Nurses thought itd take me 2 days to get back on my feet. I was walking (slowly) withing 13 hours. Dr said to wait 6 weeks i think we waited 5 lol. Had to go very easy and figure out what i could handle at that point. Was discharged like 36 ish hours after my surgery. Bf took me to eat at my fave (olive garden) the next morning after our first night at home. Moving slow but im very stubborn and determined. I bled for like 24 days and had my first cycle maybe 3 weeks after that. My baby never could get a good latch and when he did he seemed like he preferred formula. I waited till like 3 months to try for a bath.

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I had my first bath roughtly 4 weeks after my csection, i had called and talked to my dr prior to and he told me aslong as the outside of my incision was healed I was fine to bath. Honestly my periods are still all screwed up and I’m 5 months pp, I never actually stopped bleeding after having the surgery, so my dr put me on a new birth control and even now it doesnt help regulate it at all. If you have any other questions or anything feel free to message me if youd like :slight_smile:

I had a shower two days after my section. I smelt so bad lol. I waited 12 weeks mainly because my ex was worried about me getting preggers again and because I was worried it would hurt xx

They say to wait 6 weeks because not only are you recovering from a C-section but birth In itself which leaves a large wound inside of your uterus where the placenta was attached that can get infected.

I was up and walking within a couple hrs after. I wsd staying in a huge hospital and went outside. I never stopped going. I had a period about 4 weeks after I think. I waited on sex til I was cleared. I shower mostly anyway so can’t remember when I took a bath. But when they took the staples out with my son they missed a couple and then ripped them out after my skin was growing around them and that sucked.

I had a shower as well after a few days, just have to cover incision. The more you walk, the quicker you will heal, sex when you feel you can, comfortably usually 4 weeks or so. Then a period after 8 weeks.

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I showed at the hospital, then daily after going home. No baths though so not sure on that. I didn’t have my first period until my baby was about 9 months old (exclusive BF baby) and waited 12 weeks (approximately) before having sex. But this was my second c-section and simply waited until i was cleared and felt comfortable again(no pain)

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For me, it was my first baby, first surgery so I did everything by the books. I bled for 2.5 weeks pp and then got my first period exactly 8 weeks pp. I waited the full 6 weeks to have sex, and after my dr cleared me. not only because of having major surgery but the 6w thing is because your cervix and uterus is still closing and healing and you can get a serious infection. I’ve known ppl not to wait the 6 weeks and be fine but there’s always a risk. Most drs won’t put on on BC until your 6w check up. My dr offered it to me but I chose not to be put on BC.

I bled for around 3 weeks after I had my csection. I quit bleeding and then started back regular periods around 6 weeks pp. I took my first bath around 5-6 weeks postpartum. My doctor did my pp checkup at 4 weeks and cleared me to have sex. We had sex that night. :woman_facepalming:t3::sweat_smile: It was painful but after a few times it got better.

All of that is totally dependent on you. And can vary greatly depending on so many different factors. But if you’re just looking for similarities or averages…

C Section 1: Emergency c-section only dilated to 1+ after 26 hours of labor post induction at 37 weeks. I believe I bled for about 2 weeks and got my period about 6 to 8 weeks postpartum (almost no breastfeeding). Waited 6 weeks for sex as per doctor’s orders (maybe slightly longer because I was having a rough adjustment.)
C-section 2: Planned, 2 days before due date. Bled for 9 weeks straight. Got on birth control and continued to bleed for another 6-8 weeks. Got on some estrogen pills to “reset my uterus” and everything went back to normal (mild breastfeeding). Waited 5 weeks and 5 days (scheduling issues in the coming days, sorry!) to have sex, used a condom, and he pulled out and finished elsewhere for both pregnancy risk and hygiene purposes. However, I never dilated, not even a little (it took 2 doctors t,o get the Mirena inside me because I was so tightly shut) so with the extra precautions, and literally only going 2 days early on the sex, I figured I was safe. And that’s not to say that I thought I was so shut that sperm or bacteria couldn’t work their way in (obviously, I managed to get pregnant), I just didn’t risk as much as someone who used no protection, and did dilate, and didn’t wait the almost 6 weeks. But it was still a mild risk. Honestly though, even the best sex I’ve ever had, isn’t worth what you risk if you go full on, no protection a few weeks postpartum and get bacteria in that placental wound you have healing inside your uterus. And, really, if you can’t wait 6 weeks, or… there about… then I question if you have the amount of self control it takes to care for kids who literally test you every waking second for the rest of your life. It’s not a joke. No sex for 6 weeks is your first parenting test. If you fail that… Maybe you should consider hiring a nanny? Just my opinion, though. Y’all do you.

Waited for 8 weeks before sex, first period was, 5.5 months after, however we were 50/50 breastfeeding and formula. I bathed day of my 6 week post partum appointment.

I didnt wait on anything as told by the doctor. 6 weeks for sex and baths. I was taking a bath I believe at 2 weeks and sex I was back at it very limited at 5 weeks. But then again I recovered from a c-section on tylonal very little apone leaving the hospital. I didnt even finish 1 of those tiny tylonal bottles. I only just this month got my first period and my youngest c-section daughter is 6 months old. I also went on birth control pretty much as soon as possible. I want to say around 10 weeks.

I had a c-section Sep5 and was showering by sep6 the only thing my doctor told was not to have sex for the first 2 weeks , and I had my period November but it’s still changing …

My first c section took longer to heal than the second. After my second c section my daughter was in the NICU and so I had to walk a pretty good distance to see her multiple times a say. I really believe the increase of activity right after the second c section helped me heal faster. Everyone is different but definitely try to move around. I showered the second day after both c sections

I was very lucky and recovered super fast from my csection. My first two were only 11 months apart and I was up walking that evening. I believe my first period came around 6/7 months but I know that is different for everyone.

6 weeks is the magic number for bath, sex, etc.

I exclusively breastfed both my babies and I didnt get a period until I was 14months post partum but I also didn’t go on birth control either.

6 weeks is the magic number but we all are different. If your incision is full closed and not oozing, baths should be fine. I waited 5 weeks to have sex after both c-sections.

I believe it was 2 months when I had my period. We had sex 2 weeks after my csection and I was fine. Nervous but fine lol.

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6 weeks for everything. As far as a bath, your doctor may let you take one sooner. Remember the reason for 6 weeks no intercourse is not because of your incision, but because you have a huge space where a placenta and baby once were. It needs time to shrink down. Sex before 6 weeks has you’d be risking chance of infection, and in my eyes totally not worth it.


I waited 8 weeks for everything…sex, work, driving…that’s what my doctor suggested. I healed beautifully and without complications thank goodness. I breastfed for the first year so I didnt get my period until about a month after I stopped nursing.

I bleed for a week after birth and then had my regular period 4 weeks after that

Yea, no sex until 6 weeks and after your post partum appointment and make sure to use some type of birth control! 6 weeks is to let your body recover.

6 weeks for sex, tampons, bath, pool, etc. Your doctor will clear you for all that at your 6 week check up. My son was born Jan 9th and I didn’t have a cycle until the beginning of April. So 3 months. And it was the heaviest period I’ve ever had in my entire life!!! Not painful that I remember, just so. much. blood…
My doctor wouldn’t let me start my BC pills until I started my cycle so we had to be super careful.

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I bled for like four weeks after giving birth, really light. I could take a shower the next day after surgery (i don’t sit in the tub). I waited six weeks to have sex bc that’s what the doctor said and she said i could get an infection, if i did. i’m also not on birth control. I do get real bad stomach cramps and they feel just has bad as my contractions did.

I’m pretty sure the 6 week rule for bath, sex, etc isn’t because of the external healing but the internal healing

6 weeks for pretty much everything. I had sex again after 4 weeks, and was fine, but doc scolded me for it. Period started after 6 weeks and SUUUUUCKED! Be prepared to bleed A LOT!

I had sex after 2 weeks time I stopped bleeding with first csection period was normal on time like it was before I got pregnant with my lil one and I didn’t have any complications as far a csection goes unless you count the numbness in hands and feet that lasred about two months after doc said it was from spinal block and I can’t remember about a bath with my first my second csection a lil over four months ago i could barley move for two weeks I was so sore if I breathed heavy it hurt and my compression belt didn’t help much at all second time around I ate goods like they were going out of style I am still have issues with pain about everyday and I still haven’t took a bath as we only have a shower and sex I actually waited close to 6 weeks if not a lil longer cause I couldn’t stand to even strain to use the bathroom or have a lot of pressure near or on my stomach this go round

6 weeks for everything including a bath. The incision maybe healed on the outside but you are not healed on the inside.
My first c section I got my period just after 6 weeks, my second I still have not got one and I just started birth control (NuvaRing) first time using this one.

Ask ur doctor bc he knows best. I had two c sections and one it was 6 weeks had glue and the second one was 8 weeks I had staples so it depends on ur doctor. Bc u may think ur healed up but ur doc may think u need more healing time first.

6 weeks for everything, apart from bath but that was more because I couldn’t figure that out with a newborn in tow so I stuck to showers. It’s a tough recovery but you do get better relatively quickly!! :+1:t3:

Oh and period depends if you’re BF or not. You’re less likely to have a period at all if you are BF’ing (not that that means you are safe, you still need protection!) but I’m BF’ing and 6 months PP and not had a period yet!

Its 6 weeks though we are all diffrent. Get cleared by your ob before sex. You could get pregnant or an infection. Drs reccommend waiting at least 18 months between each child after c section. And just remeber to take care of yourself. O and dont take a bath until youve asked your dr. As well there may be a special circumstance.

U can bath that’s how I got my bandage off I was pretty much up doing things straight away I’m lucky I just heal really well I’ve had 4 c-sections they do say 6 weeks but it’s how your body heals

I just had my 2nd csection and was told 6 weeks for a bath in which the incision is submerged due to the possibility of infection. I would strongly recommend following what you were discharged with even though you think you’re ready.

First period will depend on your body and what you are doing. Breastfeeding and pumping affect this, as well as your hormones in general affect it.
Unsure on the sex part, I would say check with your doctor

I didn’t have my first period until 3 months after giving birth.
My doctor said after 6 weeks we could have sex but honestly we were both so sleep deprived it was longer than 6 weeks until we did.

Took me months for a real period but was also breastfeeding and on birth control so I can’t say for sure what my normal would have been. Waited 8 weeks for sex but probably could have done it sooner, just wasn’t up for it. I’d ask your doctor about the bath question. I didn’t feel completely recovered until about a year after, meaning able to run again and really lift and work out.

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I was showering straight away with the big super sticky plaster (best to take this off yourself when the time comes so much easier to do it under the shower or if you speak nice to one of the nurses they will give you a tube of a sticky remover) and once my plaster came off I continued to shower just be careful with the stitches Mrs and honestly I don’t think my doctor or that gave me non sex period just when you feel comfortable and to be extra safe if we didn’t want another baby :rofl: as for my first period I can’t quite remember it was quite a while after though but by Jings it was a period from hell the cramps were horrible and quite a lot of section mummy’s have said the same xx

I waited more than 8 weeks to have sex but that was only because I waited to have my implant put in

I’m at 8 weeks, still haven’t had my regular period, i just had my second post op checkup and was cleared to have sex and prescribed a BC that i can use while breastfeeding. I asked what IF i got pregnant again and she said it would be okay but still recommends preventing it until about 8 months. I’m not sure on baths, i generally take showers. I was also concerned about the numbness and she said that the feeling will come back at about 6 months but i heard some moms never get the full feeling back.

I’ve had 4 csections I took a bath after a week. I am a fast healer even after my 4th. I had sex 3 days after with my first and second. 5 days after the other too. I used condoms to prevent pregnancy and infection. I had my first period 4 weeks after with all kids. Everyone is different! Do what feels ok to you

Not to scare you but some new mommas don’t know all these little things that could happen. I’ve had 1 child and by c section. My first period after birth literally lasted 1 year. No lie or exaggeration. It was considered normal as I went to a few different doctors to make sure. While it’s rare, it can happen. Also, my c section leaked a lot of fluid in the first few weeks. I had retained a lot of water while in labor and swelled really bad and so my body was just getting rid of it. I have a nasty c section scar due to this. Due the fluid leaking, my incision just didn’t heal like it should have. My daughter had a tongue tie so we couldn’t breastfeed without surgery. I opted out and she has had no speech issues, just a slightly shorter tongue. I also couldn’t get back on birth control. Before my pregnancy I did fine with regular pills, after, anything and everything with hormones in it causes me to get really sick. Oh and my periods became insanely worse (cramps, bleeding). I used to not understand how some women would be “sick” their first day or two but now I know. It made a huge difference to up my intake of iron just before I’m supposed to start and for the first few days after starting. My daughter just turned 10 yesterday and I do not feel any feeling around the incision area.

It’s important to not have sex until the 6 week mark, even with a c section. Because you still have a giant open wound in your uterus that if it gets infected could severely harm you or even kill you if not caught soon enough. It’s not worth the risk.


Two C sections babies here. First one it came back after I stopped breastfeeding about 3-4 months. The second baby it took 7-8 months to come back and I could only breast feed him a few weeks.

It’s not the incision they worry about, it’s bacteria coming in thru the vagina, the same reason they tell you not to have sex for 6 weeks. Some of your next menstrual cycle will depend on if you are breast feeding or not. And even if you are breast feeding, birth control is a must. Lots of Irish twins out there.

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I had a bath 2 days after. U can hardly see my scar. 6 weeks to have sex.

As a post partum nurse, we educate our patients nothing in the vagina for 6 weeks - no sex, tampons, douching. With your period returning, that depends on if you are breastfeeding/pumping. If you aren’t, it could be as early as 4-6 weeks. If you are breastfeeding/pumping, it usually doesn’t return until you stop breastfeeding/pumping. Your OB doc usually goes over birth control at your 6 week check up. If you are breastfeeding, you can ovulate and get pregnant without having a period. So condoms is a must if you decide to have sex before you are put on any birth control. I would wait until your incision is completely healed to take a bath.


Wear the binder and take the Colace

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I waited about 6 weeks before a bath and 8 weeks before sex. As far as a period, I breastfed all 3 of my kids. So it really depends on your body and hormone levels, the average for me was around 7 months after birth before I got mine. Sex can be iffy. If it’s uncomfortable or if there is any type of pain, even mild, I would wait and talk to your doctor.

I’ve had 4 c sections and each one was way different. After my first I started having sex right away. The dr said to wait until I was done bleeding. I bleed for 5 days. I got pregnant. It took almost 6 months to heal properly because it came back open. My 2nd one was easier. healed fairly quickly. Waited to have sex🤣 my 3rd was easy. Healed quickly! 4th I literally walked home from the hospital. Make sure you poop. I mean it!! You do NOT want to get constipated. take your meds on time, don’t over do it but walk. DONT have sex until your doctor clears you to. And I took showers for 2-3months after. Mainly because it was easier for me.

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I waited the 6 weeks just to be safe as far as sex and taking a bath, although I’m more of a shower person anyway… I was one of the super unlucky few that even breastfeeding I had my period at 4wks :unamused: and it was right back to normal from then on out…

I just had my second c-section.
I made it 5 weeks before sex.
6 weeks before bath.
First real period about 7 weeks but I had a small one after about a month.
Everybody is different tho.
Listen to yr doc.

I’ve had two c sections and I got my period like a week or so after for each! With my first one I waited to take a bath and have sex until my doctor said I could. Second one I don’t remember when I had sex, like I said I got my period like right after so maybe a few weeks?! When my sutures started coming off I took a bath. So maybe 2-3 weeks. Each person is different so it depends on how and what you do.

Sex and baths need to wait until after your doctor checks you out. It isn’t totally about the incision, it’s also about the huge open wound you have on your uterus from the placenta. I didn’t have my first period until about 10.5 months postpartum but I was pumping so that tends to delay it.

  1. no baths for two weeks at least, 2) wait at least 6 weeks for sex - you have had major abdominal surgery, and your organs need time to heal. 3.) Your period may start soon, 6 weeks, or maybe not for months. It depends on if/how often you breastfeed / hormone levels. I gave had two, recovery was different for both.

I didn’t get my fist period until about 8 months after ( I’m also breastfeeding) and even though I had a c section sex after the six week mark was so uncomfortable it took about 7 months for things to go back to normal and not hurt or feel uncomfortable anymore. But just take it easy and listen to your body, if something doesn’t feel right then just rest and take it slow. Our body’s are amazing but they need time to heal :heart: