What should I expect being induced?

Hey ladies. Tomorrow is the big day. I’m being induced on my due date due to my BMI. Currently am 250lbs, starting weight being 214lbs. They are starting the process with a Foley bulb, and once that falls out, pitocin. Any ladies that have been induced this way? How did it go for you? What could I possibly expect? Google only tells you so much. I know how the Foley bulb works, as well as the pitocin, but this will be my first, and have no experience go by whatsoever. Thanks!


I was induced. started with pitocin. did the foley bulb. tried to break my water. all that. 30 hours of labor later I was only to 5 cm dilated and she was stuck. had to have a csection. I will NEVER be induced again unless I absolutely have to.

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Being induced caused me to have internal second degree tearing(from things softening too fast) and need 2 blood transfusions. Hard pass on any further induction over here. Lol

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My induction ended in c section. I will never be induced again! Be prepared for c section to be an option. It happened to 2 friends after being induced as well

Yes. And it went fast :slight_smile:

I had the pitocin first and then the Foley balloon and it hurt so bad. I don’t know if it’s cause I was so sensitive but I cried while they put it in. Then I was on pitocin for over 18 hours and had 0 contractions. Once my water broke by it’s own I was in labor for 4 hours and gave birth with no drugs. Everyone is different but I hope it goes smooth for you!

Never heard of being induced from BMI alone. But congrats baby is almost here!

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I did!! I actually didn’t hate it. I was 8cm when I finally got an epidural and only pushed 4-5 times. Was in labor for 30hrs but that’s including when they put my bulb in. Good luck!!

Watch the business of being born

Didn’t work for me. Had to do it 2x in a week and still never got over a 6 amd had to have emergency cesarean

My induction was great. Last 8 hours and was so smooth.

I had a similar experience of going in on Monday night for cervical ripening. Pitocin on Tuesday. Minimal progress so we used two balls that were inserted rather than a foley bulb. Wednesday my water was broken and I still was stuck at about 6 cm. Umbilical cord was wrapped so heart beat started fluctuating and ultimately delivered by c-section at 2am on Thursday. I dont say all of this to scare you but more to tell you to have a direct conversation with your provider about what you do and dont want to do. I could have stopped at a certain point but that was not made clear to me and then we went past the point of no return. I wish I had stopped and just waited him out a little longer. I had my second 15 months later and fiven how close they were I wasn’t given much choice but to do a scheduled c-section. All in all though, my boys are both very healthy and I recovered quickly so it all turned out for the best.

I was induced the day before my due date. Pitocin only. 13 hours of labor and only pushed twice.

This is exactly what happened with me and I don’t want to scared you but 17 hours later I had to have an emergency C-section. It was terrible but pitocin is from the devil lol

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Didn’t work for me was in labor after being induced for 24 hours and only got to 4cm My son heart rate started to drop so I had to have a emergency csection

They made me have this thing that helped soften my cervix for 12hours then started pitocin… 4hours later I gave birth…pushed once he was out.

I went in 12/17 to be induces they did the Foley bulb that night at 900 and ended up breaking my water then the Foley bulb busted and I wasnt even 2 cms they started me on pitocin the next day and I had my daughter 12/18 at 7:32pm

I’ve had 2 inductions 1wk before my due date wirh both. I only had pitocin, the 1st was 3hrs start to finish rhe second was 9hrs. I had quick deliveries with all 3 of my kids and no complications.

I know sometimes inducing is neccessary but it saddens me to see so many women induced ended up with unscheduled csections. Hope all goes well for you tomorrow.


I was induced with my son due to preeclampsia and my kidneys shut down. It was 16.5 hours…epidural didn’t work correctly…but I ended up only pushing for less than 5 minutes. But my induction was complicated by magnesium which was necessary due to my extremely high blood pressure.

I had the same. . Negative results… I won’t scare you with…

But my sister had her baby, that route, within 12 hours. .

Yay! Congrats momma! !

I’d say I can’t wait for pics. . But I’m a stranger :frowning: lol. .

You got this!! Hugs!

I had cytotec to soften my cervix and a few hours later pitocin. They tried a Foley later on cause I was stuck and it was awful. Hurt so bad and I was in tears, almost jumped off the bed. They stopped and waited to see if I woukd start progressing anymore since it was causing so much pain. I got my epi a couple hours later and it helped move me a long a a lot.

I was induced this way with our first… ended in energency csection. Had to do a repeat csection with our second due to this. Foley bulb was a little uncomfortable but pitocin was not fun made me feel ill.

I was induced. They used the Foley Bulb on me and it was one of the worse pain I’ve ever experienced. I threw up twice from it and immediately asked for my epidural.

Foley bulb is so painful. Good luck momma and congrats

Induced the first time with pitocin. Fuck that. The second time I took an (oral) pill. So much smoother

Pitocin can cause ppd. May want to look into it♡

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I had to be induced with 2 out of my 3 kids. They did it this exact way. It wasn’t anymore painful than when my daughter came on her own. The bulb didn’t hurt any and neither did the pitocin. Every delivery is different, I hope everything turns out just as good as mine did. CONGRATULATIONS on your bundle of joy!


I would tell you to suggest them to strip your membranes a few times and see of that naturally gets it going… induction sucks no matter what route you go

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I had pitocin, but I came in with contractions…they sent me home because I wasn’t dialated enough…went back 3 hrs later…they found my son was having issues so admitted me and started pitocin, gave me my epidural like 4 hrs later than broke my water. Ended up in an emergency c section…pitocin hurt and sucked…epidural was great…was finally able to sleep after 20+ hrs of contractions

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I was induced with all 3 of my kids. Labor went great w/ all 3 with zero complications. My longest labor was 13.5 hours & my shortest was 4 hours.

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I was induced this exact way and it ended in a c section

This was my exact experience with my little one. I had the foley in for 2 hours and it fell out then I was dilated to a 4. After they gave me the epidural at 5, they broke my water and started me on pitocin. Long story short, my induction lasted 4 days until my baby was born. Just a heads up, the foley causes a very bad cramping pain. (Maybe it was a contraction I’m not sure) but it was super painful. I would recommend taking this medicine they give you that makes you sleep. It takes away the pain and you sleep it off. Congratulations and good luck mama :heart:


ok. Speaking from 25 yrs ago…
Accept the epidural. I wouldn’t. I lived. Lol. But God DAMN that labor was intense. (I had 2 others, 1 before and 1 after, never asked for an epidural, drugs, yes, lol)

I was induced 3 times this way all went great was only in labor 7 hours with each

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It will hurt. Alot. Pretty sure this isn’t new info.
Nothing we can say will make it better (or worse). But you will be okay.

I wouldn’t be induced. How much more weight would you really gain to give baby a few more days to come. So what’s really the difference between now and a week from now. 5 pounds maybe? Wouldn’t really make much of a difference imo. I swear doctors are so happy to induce and preform c sections. Labor and birth is not a medical procedure. It’s a natural occurence.

I have only done pitocin but it was rough, everything hit at once when docter broke my water at 4 centimeters the doctor said because it’s coming so fast it makes it worse than just going into labor, I had back labor then I dilated all the way and he went back up and they pulled him out with forceps and I tore bad so because of that labor the rest was c-section

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Both of my kids were induced like this, both went good! The bulb does not hurt it’s just uncomfortable. Don’t worry and relax it makes it much easier. good luck!

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I didn’t have the bulb, know people who did and it jump started their labor for them. So there’s hope you won’t need pitocin. I have had pitocin, pretty intense honestly. But, they gave me pitocin only because I was at 5 already just not laboring. They gave it at 630pm and I had my daughter at 1121pm.
I have had the epidural everytime but they never worked perfectly for me so I felt the pitocin contractions at the end.

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I would be finding a new doctor. Inducing solely because of BMI isn’t common practice. The risks of induction far outweigh the risks of overweight labors. I had to be induced for both of my babies due to blood pressure and complications but it was a last resort. They were both very difficult labors and more than anything I wish I could have avoided inducing and had them naturally but my body just wouldn’t allow it. I would be getting a second opinion if I was you

Don’t worry, you will be fine.

I was told by my dr that being induced with your first ends in csection 50% of the time, which was true for me. That damn pitocin was maxed out for close to 5 hrs and I was still only dilated 4 or 5 cm. Hopefully it works for u! Good luck

I was induced that exact way, for high blood pressure. Took 2 and a half days and was completely uneventful until the baby got there. I was bored as shit.

My only advice is to get the epidural. It will allow you to rest and be prepared physically and mentally for delivering. I’ve heard pitocin contractions are awful…when they hooked me up to the monitor, the level of my biggest contraction was 35-40…later when I had pitocin, the monitor was jumping up to the 200s. I couldn’t feel a thing because I had the epi. It definitely made my labor much more enjoyable

I did the potosin for 3 of my kids, 1st 12 hrs after water broke, the next two were 2 hrs after water broke, I learned that by getting it, it makes contractions a lot stronger and frequent. I didn’t have any pain medicine with it because I didn’t want to add anything more to the baby. When you start laboring, lay doggie style it really does help (back labor) and travel for baby.

Best of luck! FYI Google will scare the hell out of you! Just breathe, your going to be a Mom & that is a beautiful thing.

I was induced that way but with pitocin the whole time. It sucks. Pitocin is the devil.

So GLAD that is all behind me. What I don’t understand is why going natural and suffering the pain makes birth any sweeter than an epidural. They have the options for a reason. If they were dangerous it would not be an option. Cherish the baby not how he/she entered the world. Going natural is a choice but the pain has got to be unimaginable. I was not that brave. They say it is the worst pain you will forget the fastest. I would have to question that. Ladies good luck with whatever your choice. After all, it is your body and your baby.

I had this done on the 15th. Hurt like hell to be honest. The constant pressure from the bulb was horrible and it made me not want to move because when i moved it felt weird. But it got me to 6cm. Then they broke my water and i had a prolapsed cord so immediate emergency c section.

I was induced a week after die date and I had pitocin and it didnt work the nurses were surprised I think I was given something else then baby came I was 1 cm dilated for like 3 weeks

I loved the idea of knowing when i was going to have my son and not having to worry about being in a store when my water broke it wasnt painful at all just uncofortable you will do great!

I was induced with pic twice no Epi and it was quick and fine

I had two children by induction. It usually goes fast. Get the epidural! I made the mistake on my second child of refusing and by the time I realized that I needed it, it was too late.

Foley bulb hurt so bad once contractions started. So much relief when it falls out. I personally couldn’t do it without an epidural. I really tried but just couldn’t hang. Made it easier to rest though and I actually got some sleep before they had to do an emergency c section

What is a foely bulb? I was induced but they did the pill broke my water then gave me pitpcin

I was induced this way. Pitocin cramps are said to be more painful than natural. The foley bulb HURT. so uncomfortable and was so relieved when it came out but it jumped me to like 5 cm

I didnt have any problems, it was my second delivery and I was terrified cuz my bf at the time was induced this was and had a 32.5 hr labour. I, got lucky, 1.5 hour labour for me. I blame my doc cuz he made a bet with me that I wouldnt have him by lunch time (and I was starving) and he said if I did he would buy me anything I wanted for lunch. I had steak and baked potato, it was yummy.