What should I expect from CPS?

Got a letter on my door from CPS can anyone please tell me what I should be expecting… I never would have imagined this happening to me. I’m not sure who would have even called on me but I’m a nervous wreck. Thank you


Know your rights! NEVER let them in the door with out a warrant! CPS cant be trusted these days. Not that they ever were. CPS is a SERVICE. Without a warrant or a court order they have 0 right to your home.


Making sure the house is safe clean
And food in it
Be honest but don’t allow them to bully you
I would record it for their record and yours


Never ever heard of them sending a letter but definitely showing up unexpectedly for sure.

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The school sent them to my house for neglect because my youngest son wouldn’t wear his glasses at school. He had them but would put them in his backpack as soon as he left the house. They just checked the kids rooms and made sure we had food. Then had a conversation with each kid individually and then myself and my husband. Got a letter a few days later saying everything was fine.

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if you got nothing to hide, then don’t worry.


They came to my house one time in 2014, my oldest’s sperm donor called them on me after he left… came home from a weekend vacation to a note on the door I called the next day and they came out looked at our bedroom (we were sharing a bedroom then but not bed) made sure I had food in the house and then left… got a letter in the mail the next week saying that my case had been closed based on false allegations.

Have a lawyer answer the letter. Know your rights.


I don’t understand why so many adults/parents think CPS is a negative/horrible organization? CPS stands for “Child Protective Services” which means they are there to review and police up the parents and household from any wrong doing or misconduct. Just because you are the parents of children, your physically adults, and its your household doesn’t mean its your way or the highway and your rule is law! We are all human, which means we are imperfect and when we think we haven’t done anything wrong, sometimes its not always about doing wrong, but how you weren’t willing to do the right and difficult thing based on stupid emotions and fear. I speak from personal experience. My Mother was an overall good Mother, but she was a mental and emotional coward and ignorant moron who couldn’t stand being alone and had to be in a relationship with someone because she didn’t believe in herself, didn’t love herself, and felt like she was nothing meaningful or important unless she was somebody’s significant other and a Mother, which clouded her judgement of not listening to her two oldest children when we begged her not to marry our step-father Steve and after 11 years of marriage, abuse of every form to my Mother and to us three kids, I finally did something about it and forced her to face facts and reality because she was to weak and scared to do it herself. At 15 years old my hatred out weighed my fear of my abusive step-father and I told him what I truly thought of him, right after coming home from school in which I had spoken to a high school counselor and the Sheriffs Department. The next day heading back to school, I met CPS personnel with my high school counselor present, told them all the same things, and that day they took me and my younger brother out of school for the day, contacted my Mother at work to come home ASAP, we grabbed a full garbage bag worth of clothes and some other personal effects, informed our Mother of our allegations against our step-father, and we were put in one amazing foster home for 3 weeks first. Then at that time my younger brother got to go back to my Mother, once she had separated from my step-father and got her own place, but my allegations against my step-father were much more serious, so I was placed into a second foster home for the next 9 months and it was okay because it was with a kind crazy old cat lady type of person. Then after my Mother did everything that CPS required her to do and fully got a finalized divorce from my step-father, I was able to come back home under her roof. Interesting enough though at this time I was 15-16 years of age, my Mother was 37-38, and yet she was to much of a mental and emotional weak coward to do the right thing by facing my step-father and choosing to leave him of her own free will, yet her 15 year old teenage son had to do it for her. She also used it against me for the next 10 years, blaming me for her second failed marriage. Just because your an adult and a parent, doesn’t mean your right and everyone else is wrong or that your innocent. If any adult sees or hears anything like neglect or abuse of any form mental, emotional, physical, verbal, or sexual then report it and if the adults won’t, then I hope at some point their own children will once they hit that point were their hatred of the situation out weighs their inner fear. Some families are just full-on evil, toxic, and broken. CPS saved my life, my brothers lives, my ungrateful Mother life, and they broke up my family that need to be broken up after 11 years of bullying, abuse, and control hell. Not all couples should stay together all because kids are involved, that’s just a cop-out in order to hide behind the children. There will be times when somebody heard, witnessed, and saw something that concerned them and so CPS was contacted and its nothing more than a misunderstanding or a single moment mistake were a family had a bad day rough moment and other times it is a red flag signal that something more serious could be going on within the family that everyone in the family is trying to hide their secrets of neglect and abuse because they don’t want their personal business put out in the street! Well you know what I would say to those adult/parents cry me a dam river you whiney little four year old’s because someone told on you. I am so glad that CPS exist, in order to investigate complaints, conduct welfare inspections, police up adults/parents, and overall protect children even from their own toxic/weak parents. Sometime CPS can cross a line, just like police with badges do. But if any kids get taken from their parents for one day or one year, its because the parents have done one or several wrong and unhealthy things and the government is there to intervene and protect the children, until the parents grow up, get trained, get sober, get cleaned themselves or the house gets cleaned up and fixed, gets individual/couples counseling or both, and so everyone improves, grows, communicates better, treats each other better, and the overall home and family dynamic is better and way healthier, then it was originally. Just because you do 100 other things really well, that doesn’t mean your not doing one or more than one thing wrong and so the government is there to find out what it is and police you up, even if it take a year or two to do. Not every adult is a parent and not every parent is an adult. Both my Mother and one of my oldest high school BFF’s, who is a current Mother to two daughters, and yet both of them in their mid-30’s, acted like they were 20-30 years mentally and emotionally younger, then their physical ages, which made them mental and emotionally immature and cowards afraid of every “What If” possibility and made them fail their children many times because of fear and their weak emotional state and that’s when CPS/government stepped-in, like they should have! You may not like it, but its necessary with the multi-generational forms of abuse and neglect each generation has witnessed and experienced. I’m sorry but the parents are not always right and are far from innocent and perfect! If it was up to me, we would all be wearing full-on body cams, at all times while we are awake, to record everything that everyone says or does and then case workers are hired to review each persons recordings that an AI system has red flagged at abuse/neglect and so these crimes can be caught at all times and never missed, overall because I don’t trust most adults nowadays who just constantly say one thing and do another because they want to win, be right, or lie to cover their own ass’s!

Expect to get fucked honestly. Just do EVERYTHING they say or they will take your kids. Legalized kidnapping is a serious problem in this country

Call them and see what they want

Refusing to let them investigate without a warrant increases suspicion, as does cleaning your house so it’s spotless before allowing them in
Your house needs to look like a home where children live not a museum
LEGALLY you don’t have to let them in or answer questions without a warrant BUT if they have to go that route they won’t give up easily as opposed to sitting down with them and finding out what the issue is
There are a million and one horror stories and there are also a ton of positive outcomes (children being rescued, reunification or families getting the help they need to stay safely together)
You have to remember that A LOT of the horror stories are only told from one side and that side doesn’t always take responsibility for their actions, it’s much easier to accuse cps of wrongdoing than admit to your friends and family that you neglected or abused your child(ren)


Usually they will show up and ask to see your kids, they will ask the kids if they feel safe and a few questions like that and they will sometimes ask to see that you have beds for each child and food in your kitchen. That’s what happened in my sister in laws case anyways… good luck

I’ll start with I’m from Canada. We have CAS or formally changed to family connections… if you refuse them at the door you are instantly admittedly guilty. If you have nothing to hide or fear there is no reason to refuse them admittance to your home.

i was a foster mom until i adopted my baby. basically make sure you have hot water, food in the house, the house is clean. its s imple easy process and they wont twll you the allegations right away. you do not have to let them in but they will keep coming back sadly. so best advice call a lawyer get legal advice make sure you have all of the above.

You do know you don’t have to let them in your home unless there’s a court order!!!


If you have nothing to worry about then take a breath and relax. They just want to make sure your child or children are safe, taken care of and loved. Don’t go crazy cleaning your house to make it perfect. Let them see how you live and just be real. If you do have something to worry about then look at this as a learning tool and ask for help


It depends on your state, county & the specific caseworker. Some can be very aggressive. They love the power their job gives them & the fear it causes.

My advise is if you can afford a lawyer get 1 ASAP. Have them call CPS on your behalf. That will likely shut them up. They don’t like it when people can afford to defend themselves.


Literally all they check is if you have heat, water, food, and a place for the child to sleep. My brother has had them called so many times. Had his kids living in a rv, shed, and tent. Each time they showed up they check the bare minimum and go on. They are useless in my state. In Florida tho… they go hard core. If you even fight with your SO in front of the kids and someone calls they taking them kids. My cousin couldn’t bring their band new baby home because they were called on a fight they had at the end of her pregnancy.

Don’t worry. As long as your home is clean, food in the house and kids are taken care of you will be fine. I just went through this with my daughters bf. Because she had marijuana in her system when she gave birth. They came to her house looked everything over and left. Sent a letter a week later saying there was no need to open a case.


You call local CPS (not the number on the letter), and verify that it’s legit. cps scams happen a lot

Just make sure , your house is clean, you have proper beds to sleep in, you have electric , running ,

Water , and food :avocado: n the house , you should be fine.

Depends on the allegations, usually a drug test, they check to make sure the kids needs are being met ie food, bed, clothes etc…and I’ve heard of them always asking if there’s anything they could do for you to help you or anything you need and I’ve always been told to absolutely say no.

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When they was called to my house they done a walk through, made sure we had running water, electricity and food… told me because it was a call they have to make a visit, they ask whay school my children attended (they was at school of time of visit) when my children come home they said a lady talked with them, separately… all 3 told me she ask them same questions… if they felt safe, if ever felt in harms way. Ask if they was ever left home alone more then an hour etc… I haven’t ever heard anything from the cps department again… not sure why they just showed up out of no where but I’m assuming someone called for some reason… don’t be nervous, as long as your kids and your stories add up and your home has electricity and water and food, they will be nothing to worry about.

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You answer the door step outside, shut the door and ask to see a warrant or court order. Is what I’ve heard. I’ve never had to experience this but I hear once they are in your life they will stay in your life.
Prayers to you and you family.


I’ve found they very much want to keep families together in my state. They usually check the fridge and the house to make sure kids have food and a place to sleep, clothes toys etc and will help you get what you need to keep your kids happy and healthy.

Why DCS was called out of retaliation against me 6 months ago, they just check on the kids… check if their is food, clean home. Ask questions. They can also help with lots of resources to! We waited till my daughter was born to close the case so she could get me free childcare for all three of my kids.

My ex called them on me thinking they would give my daughter to him, all she did was look at the house, her bedroom, looked in the fridge and pantry and turned the faucet on to make sure there was water then closed the case and noted that my ex made a false report in case of future issues.

I just went through this about a month ago. They’ll come talk to you and your kiddo(s) make sure your house isn’t super filthy (mine was a little dirty they caught me on my 1st day off in the early AM) make sure you have beds and food for the kids. They called some references and ask them some questions then closed my case 2 days later.

I work with CPS. Message me