What should I expect with getting my IUD taken out?

Please post anonymously: getting my IUD out next week and I’m just wondering if I should anticipate any big body changes with the hormone change (it’s a mirena). Anyone get theirs taken out and then experience weight gain, acne, mood swings, etc?


Look up the Mirena Crash…

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I didn’t have any major issues with getting mine removed (also mirena), just some cramping and bleeding which is to be expected, and then I didn’t have a period for about 4 months because they pretty much disappeared while I had the IUD, but other than that no issues that I recall. I just got another one put in about a month ago :slight_smile:

I didnt have any issues. Pulled it out myself actually.


My hormones took months to get back to normal

I had mine taken out over a year and a half ago. It was a split second of discomfort (nothing compared to getting it placed). Never had a hormone issue or anything. Also got pregnant right away.

…got mine removed and was pregnant within 3 weeks.

Personally I felt much better. I had the worst side effects from this IUD… currently on the copper and loving it

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Mine hurt more coming out than going in. I also had a very heavy period for awhile. At the same time I had to have mine out bc of the hormones and an issue my body was having (I have no thyroid gland, at all - I was born without it). I can definitively say that the pain coming out and the heavy period were a result of Mirena, but other issues may have been specific to me.

I cramped worse getting it put in than taken out. But I got pregnant like a week later :joy:

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I had no issues after removal either time. Just be warned that I got pregnant exactly two weeks following the removal of my last one so if your not trying to get pregnant (or at least not right away) use some other type of protection.

I got pregnant 3 days after removal. I had it for 5 years

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Got mine take out three weeks ago had massive cramping while on it l, apart from a few days light bleeding afterwards I’ll feel awesome now back to the injection

I took mine out myself. It didnt hurt and barely bled. Took about 2 months to get my periods regularly. Good luck. I had more pain getting it in than taking it out.


I just had mine out like 2 weeks ago. It was like 2 seconds, like taking out a tampon (Dr did it, don’t try yourself) I cramped a bit that afternoon, I’ve had random spotting for the past 2 week. Some last a few days, then nothing for a few days then spotting. Sometimes is light but I have had to us tampons a few times. I think it’s cause I haven’t had a regular period for the 3 years I had the IUD in. And my skin broke out a bit, but it’s clearing up. No other symptoms really.

I’ve had 3 IUDs total. Two were back to back, one removed to get pregnant with my first baby (took a month for my hormones to get right and another 2 to get pregnant), and I got my third IUD out in April(Mays period was very abnormal but it seems as though I’m back on track now).

More pain coming out, than going in! I bled the second day after removal - never got it for 1 1/2 yrs while having it.

A little cramping and maybe a little spotting afterwards. Super quick. Had a period a few weeks later. 3 months post iud out and all is good. I feel lighter and not as bloated. The first period after was insane because I have had mine for 4 years. Good luck!

Weight gain… mood changes and a whole infant 9 months later :wink: (that’s what happened to me,anyway) good luck!


It’s going to be rough. Definitely take ibuprofen before you go. A piece a flesh was stuck to mine. And I bled for like 3 months in a row on and off. I could of had a bad experience but be prepared its uncomfortable.

I got mine removed and was pregnant right away the first time and no issues either. The second time got it removed with no issues and was pregnant about a month later.

Had mine taken out and immediately went back to heavy bleeding which was the reason I had it put in. I now have another in. We’ll see in 2.5 yrs what happens!

How old are you? I’m 49 and had mine removed (after having several in for 17 years straight). It put me into menopause and I’ve gained 30 pounds within a year. I wish I never took it out, but I’m getting older and don’t need birth control. Good luck!

Had it 30 years mirena. Didn’t affect me at all. I barely have a cycle at all. Im 46.

I had the mirena for 2 months. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was in labor. Oh it was terrible… My body rejected it and forced it out, had to have a hysterectomy shortly after😞


I got my Mirena iud taken out a year and a half ago. It was a brief moment of discomfort (nothing compared to getting it put in) and that was about it. I didn’t have any cramping, bleeding, hormone problems, or anything. I was also able to get pregnant immediately.

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When I got mine out (also mirena) I lost a little bit of weight but that was about it. It will cramp for about a half hour if I’m remembering correctly but that’s about it.

I had the mirena for 5 years. Getting it taken out was super fast and didn’t even hurt. I actually felt much better without it. You may bleed though, or have odd periods depending on if you’re going to use a form of contraception or not.

U hardly feel anything if done right… Dr should have u cough when u remove it… I took a muscle relaxer before hand… U might have cramping and some bleeding after… As far as weight changes not that much but my shape did… Didnt realize the iud (mirena) made me so bloated around the waist… So good news your shape comes back

When I had mine out it was a little bit of pinching, and my period came back just as bad as before, so I had another one put in a year after I had to out to still help with those problems

I took 2 Advil ahead of time and when it was done I didn’t even feel it. No issues with hormones and I was able to get pregnant within 2 months. Everyone is different though

I had such a heavy long period after I got my Mirena removed. Got pregnant fairly quick though. Its uncomfortable just like it was when it was put in, but not too bad.

I have the 10 year iud… is it painful getting it removed? I know it was getting it put in!

Mood swing yes hormone fluxes yes the other stuff is kinda dependent on your own body responses. Took about 2 months to get pregnant after as well.

Everyones different. I got pregnant after 2 weeks of getting mine out. Lol we were planning tho. Other than that nothing different. I have pcos also so its never normal. Lol

I had a bit of discomfort with the removal- that was a few years ago but I still remember it :woman_shrugging:t3: I feel like the biggest difference is having a period since it was removed & it feels like a heavier period than I remember.

I had one a few years ago. Had issues with cysts with it so had it removed. No discomfort and no issues with having it taken out. Best decision I ever made.

I had a little bit of cramping after but I didn’t notice any huge changes afterwards

Nothing major. I was lightheaded for about a few seconds, a little pinch and that’s it. No change in mood nothing.

I currently have one but would also like to know … commenting for updates

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I have Mirena it hurt like a bitch to remove. Have someone drive you and be prepared for pain

Had mine removed a week ago. Very uncomfortable but not too bad. Have been bleeding constantly. Trying to get pregnant now. :two_hearts::two_hearts:

I had no pain with it coming out! Going in hurt like crazy. Coming out was just a “eeeek that was weird” feeling. I’ve seen a few comments on here saying that women have taken theirs out themselves, please for the love of GOD don’t do that. If it has imbedded in anyway you could seriously hurt yourself!

It’s so simple my dr said u can take it out yourself. Just reach up and pull on the strings lol. I didn’t notice any difference but I also go pregnant right away so that cld be why

The only side effect that I experienced after having my mirena removed was a baby.

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when the 5 yrs were up for mine, they had complications removing it, so I had to have it surgically removed, they put a new one in as well while I was sedated.