What should I get my 3-month-old for Christmas?

Hello gorgeous mamas! Christmas is coming up soon and I don’t know what to get my little girl who is 3 months old. What did y’all get for their stockings and what did you get them in general from you & Santa? I thought about maybe teething things, mittens, etc?


I got my almost 4 month old, a tummy time pillow thing that has toys attached to it, a walker, a few learning toys and a little chair that pulls out so she can lay down. I love to celebrate Christmas with my 3 kids, I know she is too young to remember or understand Christmas but I will always remember her first Christmas.

My daughter just turned 4m she got for Christmas rattlers teething toys stuff she can hold but only a cpl things family is getting clothes and stuff for when she is bit older. She won’t remember this year she has what she has because her big bubba wanted to make sure she has Christmas stuff to…

My granddaughter is going to turn 4 months old 4 days before Christmas for her stockings I’ve stuffed it full of ribbons and bows for her hair and some little socks too. And for presents under the tree I bought a basically a multi pack of soft rattle toys and books that I divided into three gifts and I bought a couple of outfits all of course which my daughter gets to open since she’s too little but we’ll take pictures with the boxes and wrapping paper all the same LOL


Clothes, sippy cups, baby dishes, binkies, bottles, rattles and age appropriate toys, floor mat, jumper, new high chair. All kinds of ideas.

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I ordered a gift set from essentials montessori off of etsy…
Rattles, infantino texture balls, baby paper…

Get what they need, they won’t notice at that age. Basically you are buying stuff just for the sake of it - make sure it’s useful!


I got my son a toddler three in one easel, one side dry erase and the other side is chalk board it’s also magnetic

Maybe some stuffed animals or some learning toys for in a few months. An outfit or 2. Pretty teething rings. If u don’t have 1 yet maybe a floor mat with those toys that hang above that she can look at and try to reach for.

My daughter will be 2 months on the 22nd & im getting her clothes & things she will end up needing

My youngest was 6 weeks at Christmas she got clothes and one light up toy

Mine will be 5 months next week. He’s getting a swing for our deck from us. And a music ball to learn to crawl with from Santa.

We dont need anything else and don’t see the need to go overboard


get them something they can open or appreciate later! like a cute crochet blanket or an awesome sign or artwork you can commission to hang in her room/area

actually she won’t even know about Christmas at only 3 months old. Next year, will be different

At that age usually get things they need or use a lot like diapers and wipes.

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Whatever clothes in the next size up. Baby Lounger chair :woman_shrugging:

Ist tree ornament. Diapers and Food

Nothing she / he is to young to understand Christmas this year and won’t play with anything. Get the Baby a cardboard box the baby will be more than happy.
You could buy a walker for her/ him as my little girl loved using that at 3 months old. Just don’t waist to much money on her this year. Merry Christmas and enjoy your beautiful baby.

Lots of clothes lol, my baby is 7 months but I’ll be buying clothes and little teething toys and such

Anything they would need for that year.

. Clothes
. Toys for 3+ months
. Bed stuff they may need

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Savings bonds or savings accounts

Anything it’s for u and ur memories not the baby she dont know and wont remember

My kids were 2m, 9m & 3m on their first Christmases. Honestly I don’t remember what I got them. They don’t either :rofl:. I do remember it being sooooo important to me that my oldest get presents. Now it just seems silly. It’s not like he played with them or anything.

Nothing major. Play keys, teething toys. Put some $$$ into a savings account for her.

Really nothing they don’t know yet what Christmas is about, maybe some teething rings some little toys that hang on their car seat and alot of pampers

Useful things. Shampoos, teethers, baby snacks, diapers, Wipes. Mabye a rattler type toy as they start grabbing things around then.

Get your baby teething books and start reading. Never too soon to teach a child to read.

She’s 3 months old!! Get her some diapers! She’s not going to care! All my baby wanted at 3 months old was boob milk

Rattles, teething rings, stuffed animal, socks, scratch mittens, a couple outfits, maybe some books