What should I get my MIL for Christmas?

What would you get your mother in law for Christmas? We aren’t close and have had issues in recent times, looking for something that isn’t overly thoughtful but also won’t make me enemy number one. No candles or blankets


If it’s someone I’m not close to but trying to be polite I’ll buy them candy :woman_shrugging: buy a few different kinds throw it in a mini stocking and call it a day

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Gc to her favorite restaurant. If you have kids maybe nice framed photo

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We like to give out nice framed photos of the kids and a trinket.


A bathroom gift kit or a gift voucher for somewhere like a restraunt or movies or maybe a bottle of wine.

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Nothing. Let your husband or kids get something and it be from the family or kids. F her she doesn’t like you anyway

Gift card for nails or spa day

How about a family tree book where you fill out your family tree and tell some interesting stories and you can tell her this way your children would learn about their family through her

Have her son pick something out

Gift card or something to do with the grandkids