What should I get my parents for their anniversary?

My parent’s anniversary is Thursday, and my parents are some of the most supportive parents ever; I’m literally blessed. And I wanna get them something for their anniversary, they been together for 28 years. But I have no idea what I should get that could be for both of them. Any ideas for a gift for parents on their anniversary?

This is so sweet. Maybe gift them a night in a nice hotel?

Sometimes the best gift cost nothing.

Your time, a meal made for them and do the dishes after.


Photo book or blanket filled with pics of kids/grandkids and pets. What Amanda said is a good idea too.


Try to get their photos from the beginning of their relationship to now and make a slide show with music maybe


Gift certificate to favorite restaurant & spend day with them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Couples Massage somewhere if that’s allowed anywhere right now.
If they are in to concerts or events, I’d look into a favorite band/orchestra/play they both enjoy since those types of things are fast approaching! Especially in just a few more months! Well…depending on state and what phase they are in due to pandemic.

A letter of gratitude :grinning:

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An experience vs a thing. Short road trip to someplace fun like a funky museum, winery/brewery/distillery or the largest ball of twine and lunch someplace famous/quirky/different. Tickets to a performance or sporting event, nice restaurant gift card, maybe a night at a fancy hotel, inn, or bed and breakfast. Arrange a visit, zoom, or phone call from old friends far away. A class they can take together in something fun, or something they’ve always wanted to do like oil painting, sky diving, ballroom dance, cooking, conversational French.

And double yes to the letter of gratitude, hand written on actual stationery. That would be priceless.

Hire a chef to cook them dinner at home or if they are comfortable going out pick them up in limo and send them off to a nice restaurant

Spending time with them would be the best gift of all.Deli sandwiches and a picnic in the park.

Your time make or take them out spend quality time with them. If they need something done in their home help them out.

Afternoon tea with fizz

Plan a date for them. Their favorite restaurant, movie… Whatever they like. Pay for it by giving them a prepaid card or just give them your debit card. While they’re gone clean their house. Put flowers around & candles. When they come home light the candles & leave.