What should I gift my husband?

My husband is an electrician and works outside a lot…it is very cold where we live and I want to get him something to help him keep warm when he is outside trying to restore power…what are some good Christmas ideas he can use for work?


My husband used to have a heated jacket, worked great!


They have really cool lunch boxes now. That work kinda of like a crock pot. A good hot lunch is alway good.


I second heated jacket or warming lunch box


Carhartt work gear is amazing. Bit expensive but well worth it.


They make pocket hand warmers that are rechargeable and I think those are neat.

The heated gloves from Costco. My boss uses them for atv riding all winter and loves them.

I got my husband a Bluetooth beanie 20 bucks still uses it 3 years later

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Heating vest, heated socks, anything heated!


Heated vest and a good thermos for hot coffee.
A warm massage at a reputable spa for men .

My hubby is also an electrician (WI) and his boss got the crew protable crock pots one year. He loves it.

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My husband has found heated socks and mitts. I would say thermals or hot paws

Carhartt coats are super nice & warm! I got my husband one last Christmas.

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The heated vests are nice. Heated socks

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Check put Patagonia maybe.

A heated jacket
Got my man that and he loves it here in canada

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Carthartt is great! Keeps em nice and warm during winter

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Milwaukee heated jacket. It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought in my life. My husband works in construction and loves it

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Can he use them jackets with heat in in New Zealand but sure ud have something like this were u are

Carhart coveralls& thermals