What should I pack in my hospital bag?

Momma’s, what is best to have in Newborn Diaper bag? And best/must haves in mom and dad hospital bags? Thanks!

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You can never have enough outfits IMO. She constantly was blowing out her diapers with poop. Also, we always seemed to forget a burp rag so maybe keep a few for backup!

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In my son’s bag I had going home outfit (even though my husband had to go buy newborns cause 0-3 was to big), binkies, diapers, wipes… in my bag I had comfy going home clothes, slippers, robe, under garments, hair brush, tooth brush, toothpaste, hair ties, cell charger, crossword puzzle books… in another bag I had snacks, drinks… even had a overnight bag for my husband as well…

Chapstick!!! Things for you and your partner to do while you’re there. A couple different sized outfits. We packed newborn but our baby was tiny so she fit in preemie so we didn’t have a coming home outfit.

Clothing, burp rag, lots if diapers and wipes a binkey or two. Never enough clothing.
For you, change of clothing, phone charger, lotion, chap stick, general bathroom stuff (hairbrush, toothbrush, etc)
Bring your own pillow!!! My hospital stay would have been 1000% better if I had brought my own pillow and blanket

The hospital provides diapers and wipes for you & formula if you’re not breastfeeding. I took clothes for him, pacis, and burp rags. For me I brought comfy clothes for after, depends cause I hate the pads they give you, slippers, hairbrush and a toothbrush.

I went into labor early, nothing packed. Hospital provided everything. Went home with the same dress I went in with, just different underwear. I was in for a week.

In my hospital bag I had granola bars, 2 oversized outfits for myself, toiletries, chargers, baby blankets, a going home outfit for my LO, 2 pillows, and a feeding pillow.

In the new born bag I had 8 diapers, wipes, butt paste, extra burp cloths i used the cheap swaddling blankets for burping, a couple of outfits, and everything I would normally keep in a purse

Babybag diapers wipes at least two out fits bottles if thats what your doing recieving blanket burping cloths for mom gowns an outfit to wear home house slippers maybe puzzle or reading books and for dad ive never heard of him having one