What should I pack in my hospital bag?

Hospital bag for labor and delivery! What to pack? I can’t remember anything I packed the first time around and I’m 34 weeks today!


Comfortable pjs…plenty of underwear…slippers or socks…baby’s take home outfit…

Comfy clothes, gown and slippers, deodorant, shampoo, charger, brush, scrungie? Of course baby stuff! :baby: and congratulations :confetti_ball:

All I took was phone charger, car seat and clothes for me and baby to go home in.

Clothes and entertainment. They give you everything else.

Few changes of comfortable clothes for you and baby, phone charger, chapstick, brush/hair ties, socks, underwear, hard candy or gum….and I always took a light blanket and pillow from home, but that’s just me lol❤️

just had a first baby and i over packed i made him a bag and myself as well as my husband… my baby had everything he needed provided by the hospital and came out preemie so he didn’t fit in any of the clothes that was packed… i stood in a hospital gown because of bleeding just needed an outfit to wear going home! my husband only needed a change of clothes we walked around in socks 90% of the time grippy socks are a must the hospital ones are huge and arent too comfortable… a portable fan and a comfort item is needed

I packed two bags. One for baby and one for myself.
Babys bag: diapers, change of clothes, blankets.
My bag: extra loose underwear, midol, tank top and shorts, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, brush and hair ties, I even had my Xbox :rofl:

2 pairs of Clothes for you & baby, entertainment, toiletries & makeup if you’d like. They supplied me with everything else and even packed me to take some home

Some people bring a ton like Boppy pillows etc. but the hospital has them. They have wipes and diapers towels so you really need travel size toiletries, and outfits for you and baby. A giant water bottle, socks, and Chapstick. 
Remember everything you bring you will be taking home even more 

I went into labor early while on vacation but i would of packed my boppy, comfy clothes for myself , a few outfits for the baby , phone charger , my own blanket because i hate hospital blankets

Depends disposable underwear, breast pads, nursing bra if you’re nursing, chapstick, slippers, robe, phone charger

a charger and a back scratcher , shampoo and conditioner body wash a lofa … and comfy night gowns and socks