What should I pack in my hospital bag?

About to give birth and need to pack a bag…any ideas what I should pack? I am having major mom brain right now on what i wil need.

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Stuff for you and any specific things you want for baby. They will have all the generic things for baby so baby wont need anything except things you want to have for baby. So shampoo and condition body wash for you. toothbrush. Loose clothes. CHAPSTICK. Charger easy slip on shoes. Robe if your that kind of person also it makes it easier for the belly access rather than hiking up a gown. Big undies. For baby 1 set of clothes. And anything specific you want for him/her

Big comfy pants nothing tight at all. Phone charger. Tooth brush and paste. Granny panties if u don’t like the big ones they give u after. Things to do If u can’t sleep. Husband/bfs things cuz well guys don’t pack til last minute. Breast pads for your bra(leaking is no joke). Large pads incase u don’t like the kind they provide.

For baby:
Extra burp rags, the outfit u want first photos taken in, going home outfit. Extra blankets.

The hospital has diapers wipes, formula if formula feeding, swaddles ect that they allow u to take home. It’s included in your bill whether u take it or not so take everything in the drawers provided for the baby.

Bring your breast pump. They will show u how to properly use it to get the most out of it If breast feeding. If you can’t afford one tell them and they will provide one to rent that’s properly cleaned and sterilized

TYLENOL pack a bottle. Don’t waste your money if that’s all they offer u for pain after

Smaller vests and baby grows + 0+3 just in case
Outfits if U don’t want bubba in grows
Somethin to come home in
Snow suit
Hats mittens socks
Blankets comfort blanket
Nappy cream
Munslins if U have any
X3/4 tops and trousers
Big knickers
Bra/mertitny bra
Dressing gown / hoodie
Pjs / nightie
Pads thick and breast pads
Hair brush and bobbles clips
Shampoo and conditioner n shower gel
Tooth brush and tooth paste
Roll on and spray deotranant n mist
Maternity notes
If U want any thing to get U buy
Portable charger /wireless headphones
Cream (moisturiser)
Socks and slippers
Somethin for partner/birthing partner prob forgot somethin but just woke
I’m due soon to 2 weeks 1 day til due date

A handheld fan was the only thing I used out of my bag during labor. Saved me actually. Once I had the baby I used my toiletries, slippers and comfy clothes. Then baby’s take home outfit and carseat

Basically whatever you’d pack for a weekend away from home. Comfortable clothes, toiletries. I recommend depends underwear. The things they give you aren’t comfortable. Clothes for baby if you want. Otherwise they’ll put baby in a t-shirt. Phone chargers.