What should I pack in my hospital bag?

Hello ladies,
First time momma here. My son is due in August and im not sure of everything I need to pack for myself in my hospital bag. Obviously the necessities for my son, going home outfit, onesies, diapers, wipes, socks etc… But wtf do I pack for me!!! Lol i figured like, toiletries obviously, tooth brush, deodorant, soap and the likes. A change of clothes. Nursing bra. Are there any like MUST HAVE THIS items I need to have?


Definitely your own nursing pads and large pads or padded underwear… the ones they give you in the hospital aren’t always the best or most comfortable.

I always took house shoes because those socks at the hospital weren’t comfortable enough. Maybe if you have a favorite pillow, you should take it

I didn’t need much for me. My phone and charger. Entertainment is crucial, the tv thing they usually have in rooms is nice but its way better to take tons of newborn pics and share, etc. A change of adult clothes to go home in too, of course lol. That was really it for me. If you need daily vitamins or meds or anything routine, I would bring that in case of an extended hospital stay (I was there 3 mornings and 2 nights just because of GBS watch, not even a complication) and if you have a partner planning on staying with you, their stuff of course. Congrats and good luck :blush:

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Chapstick, bobby pins, hair ties!! A must

Body wipes. Between blood and milk and sweat I always felt sticky and dirty.

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Water wipes or at least your own toilet paper for after birth because theirs hurts so much!


Won’t need diapers or wipes. Hospital will provide them as long as you are there

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I highly recommend depends, I hated the pads/mesh underwear the hospital provided

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I brought my daughter homemade breakfast bars to snack on. She said they were so helpful to have.

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Phone and phone charger. Laptop for good tv lol. You don’t need baby stuff other than car seat on the last day and clothes. The hospital provides diapers and wipes. Comfy clothes for yourself snacks for you and dad!

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Your own pads because the ones they give you are HUGE. A robe or comfy pajamas, undies socks. Clothes for your partner. Shampoo & conditioner, hair brush tooth brush


Snacks because once baby is out you’ll be starving


Chapstick, your own pillow, blanket because the hospital blankets are rough and not warm, depends diapers… the pads and underwear they give you are wicked uncomfortable and huge and having something that thick when you sit down is not pleasant. I also brought a small table lamp because the lights in the hospital are brutal and way too bright at 2 in the morning. I brought a journal I had been writing in so I could continue adding entries while I was there.

I always wished I had brought a boppy pillow lol. House shoes absolutely. Breast pads. It’s funny to think back on that time. The first “night”, since he was actually born at 12:57am, we spent together he cried and cried until I pulled him into bed with me. I had heard horror stories so I refused to go to sleep I’d just lay there holding him so he could get some rest after all that work he was put through. Poor little man. Now he’s gonna be a year old tomorrow. Sigh


Toilet paper for in hospital, in case they use hard papery type of paper…

Dont forget a bag for Dad or whoever is staying with you!! I wish I’d brought my house coat & house shoes. Don’t forget your phone charger & 2 going home outfits. My son got his dirty & had to wear a onsie

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Yep definitely thick absorbent pads. I leaked through the ones I took first time round :flushed:also I took a little spray bottle of water second time as I got so hot first time. Change of clothes and something comfy to wear of you’re in overnight. Phone, charger (I forgot my charger and felt cut off lol) Good luck :kissing_heart: xxx

Comfy clothes, toiletries, shampoo conditioner, body wash, slippers, hair ties, nursing pads, pillow, blanket, phone charger $ for vending machines/ cafeteria

House shoes, robe, phone charger for sure (I forgot mine lol), loose fitting pants. If your hospital is like mine I wouldn’t bring diapers and wipes, they sent me home with 100 diapers and 6 packs of wipes


Oh and if you’re allowed some kind of sports drink. I took lucozsde and some little snack bits xx

Take a comfy pillow for the hospital bed, slippers, a robe and your own blanket. Those made my life so much easier when I had my daughter last August. Congratulations and good luck Mama!

I’d say for your self you are u should bring comfortable clothes for going home, flip flops, a soft blanket, pillow, chap stick, hair tie, and hard candy for your self if you like them

Don’t take diapers either, the hospital will provide those :wink: and i have 3 kids so by the third one I just took a night gown, house coat, and fuzzy socks 🤷 :rofl::rofl::rofl: (and if I needed anything else I sent the hubby to the store lol :wink:)

A comfortable robe is a must so you can pass up the need to wear the ugly hospital gown

Bring more than 1 nursing bra if you’re doing skin to skin. If you have a boppy, bring it. It was so convenient. Socks, candy, maybe an extra outfit for you just in case. I was in pj’s the whole time. Use their diapers, wipes, pads. I wish I would have had their pads at home. When you get home definitely use the squirt bottle, tucks pads, I even had the witch hazel pads. I healed quick. Best of luck and congratulations.

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Toiletries. Change of comfy clothes. I brought some makeup. Phone and charger. Snacks girl. Idk how it is with medicated births, but with my unmedicated I was starving after

I used depends diapers instead of pads and I was so much comfortable didn’t have to worry about pad leaking if i moved a bit


Dont forget the car seat and take your own towel unless you can dry your hair with a wash rag. :rofl:

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I took slippers, fuzzy socks, chapstick, hand lotion, toilitries, boppy pillow, depends(life saver), clothes, robemy own pillow and blanket, phome amd charger

A light robe the hospital gowns always open in the back!

Toiletries, loose comfy clothes. Depends on your hospitals. We have some that cater more to mom’s and some that cater more to baby.

I can’t stress this enough - SNACKS. granola bars, mixed nuts, fruit, whatever you’re into. my husband insisted on packing snacks for the hospital, and I’m so glad he did. I also brought my 30 oz water cup as I knew I’d be crazy thirsty and those little styrofoam cups don’t cut it. I wish I had brought my own blanket for the recovery room, so that’s a good idea too.


I always stocked up on diapers… Wipes… Little formula bottles at the hospital they gave me an extra bag full of things for baby every time :yellow_heart:
I packed a going home outfit for me and baby… Blanket for me and baby… Nice socks and house slippers for me… My own shampoo ans condi because theirs sucks lol

Wipes for baby. I despised the wipes they gave me for my daughter. Loose, comfy pants (yoga pants!!), nursing bra/s, pony tails (long hair, but even for short), charger/s, portable charging device, snacks, no slip socks,

I brought my daughter homemade breakfast bars to snack on. She said they were so helpful to have.

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Witch hazel pads if you’re delivering vaginally! Depends or period pads too. Big comfy underwear, chargers, cameras, etc. Maybe a comfy sundress or shorts and a tank to go home in, since it’ll probably be hot when you leave the hospital. Pillow and blanket if you have a favorite. A boppy is helpful but not a necessity. Toiletries like everyone else has said. There’s a lot of lists online, I went through like 20 of them for my bag and took some ideas from each one for my own list. I had the basics for my first, but by second I had picked up a few tricks lol. Goodluck!

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Ok since you said nursing bra Id highly recommend lanolin. Nursing isnt the easiest thing at first but that helps. Also your choice of breast pads. I used the overnight ones because once my supply was in they were the only ones that lasted longer than an hour and didnt leak. Also tucks pads if its a vaginal birth cause it helps soothe the girly parts. Toiletries and change of clothes literally thats all i brought and its all i needed.

Take your own pillow! Maybe some chapstick, big panties for the big pads you use after giving birth. Snacks.

SOCKS, SNACKS , comfy clothes suitable for nursing , hairbrush

The first shower after giving birth is likely going to be the most glorious shower you be ever had. Bring your own shampoo and towels and stuff if you want it to be even better. ALWAYS have chapstick. You’d be surprised how quickly your lips go down hill after a few contractions. The beds are horribly uncomfortable so bring your own pillow. And the comfiest clothes you own paired with some slippers. The floors are hard and cold. Entertainment is important, I always had some speakers for music. Or a game to play. And most importantly, snacks. They will most likely put you on a liquid diet. Which means they won’t let you eat solid food until AFTER the baby is born just in case of a c section where they need to put you under. But if you have your baby at 1am, they aren’t serving breakfast at that time, you WILL be STARVING. The hospital will provide diapers and wipes for the baby (and you :wink: )

I’m also due in August with my 2nd son lol and we’ll I over packed with my 1st.

I packed a newborn onsie outfit and a 0-3month outfit
Diapers (they have them at the hospital)
3 sets of clothes for me (incase of c section (I just wore my hospital gown with a robe the entire time)
Baby blanket
Bottle (don’t really need one especially if your going to try n breast feed)
Phone (phone charger)
(comfy clothes)
Hair brush,toothbrush,n shower stuff too
And snacks him :slight_smile:

They give u a lot at the hospital like pads n sprays to help (down there) n diapers wipes ect.

And of course the car seat it wouldn’t hurt to set up the base of it in the car

closed in shoes for your hubby. If you need a C-section and he does not have closed shoes they may not allow him in the operating room.

You named everything i brought and thats all i needed… Hospital gives you diapers and wipes, plus all the stuff yoy need for recovery if you deliver vaginally

We took just a tote bag for myself and a change of clothing for my husband. A diaper bag for the baby with all the generics for an average day out because the hospital gives you all that stuff anyway. Travel size toiletries, Tucks, lip balm, heavy duty hand cream, nipple balm, hair ties, change and ones for vending machine, snacks, extra phone charger, my own pillow from home, underwear that you are okay throwing away, sanitary napkins (the hospital ones are way too bulky). As far as clothing I mainly wore yoga pants, nursing tank and a light weight robe to cover up if guests came in. Also take all of the baby supplies in the room because they charge your insurance anyway! Best advice if you have a dog and stay more than one day, have your SO go home with a blanket the baby has used and let your dog get adjusted to the scent.

I took a book, and word searches, my pillow since theirs are horrible, my own blanket, basic toiletries, phone charger, money for snacks, comfy clothes and slippers are a must, an extra towel or too, theirs are generally very rough, hair ties, nursing bra, and breast pads, and a bag for whoever will be with you! Seriously if you think it will make you comfy, or your life easier, take it, better safe than sorry!! For baby take 2 coming home outfits jic, a few onesies, a hat, a binkie if you are using those, a soft blanket for you to cuddle them in, a swaddle blanket, car seat, and a few burp clothes, they provide diapers and wipes!! Good luck!!

This was a big help for me. Im being induced in two weeks. You don’t need to bring diapers and wipes as the hospital will provide those. Also if you have your own breastpump you could bring that to avoid being charged for one from the hospital and then you’ll already know how to use it at home too. You might be able to get a pump through your insurance or from wic if you dont already have one. Congrats and good luck! Hope this helps

A hair tie and a pair of slippers to

Slippers, robe. Comfy clothes, nursing nightgown.

Soap, shampoo and conditioner. I felt disgusting afterwards. The minute I was able to shower, I did and felt WAY better. Also a hair tie for sure. Extra comfy pants if you have a c-section the higher the rise the better…AND don’t forget the super comfy super ugly undies :slight_smile:

You are definitely going to want to get your own pads and panties that will fit them. You bleed A LOT postpartum and the pads the hospital has are terrible and you’ll be lucky if they stick and stay in place at all. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: at least that was my experience with both of my kids. I definitely took my own with my second baby.

Comfy clothes are a must! I went to aerie and got some sweats from there and they were perfect! I brought Tylenol for myself. Overnight maxi pads. Socks. Disposable flip flops or regular ones
For the shower. A MILD SOAP because you cannot use anything crazy after birth for a bit. Chargers. Makeup. Hair brushes and ponytail holders. Snacks. Plenty of underwear in case you bleed through a lot. But I bought a new pack and WASHED them before I took them to the hospital. Headphones if you want. A pillow and blanket if you want to be extra comfy!
And make sure your man or whoever is staying at the hospital with you has a change of clothes and stuff too!

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You won’t need diapers or wipes, the hospital will give you as many as you need :blush: for yourself, toiletries, your own pillow (I can’t stress that enough), I wouldn’t take the nursing bra, comfy tee shirt and PJ pants, granny panties, phone charger, slippers, maybe a puzzle book of some kind. Never know how long you’ll be in labor :wink: oh and I would bring small snacks like granola bars.

Lotion and chapstick.

I recommend you bring your own pads-they give you obnoxiously big ones, and while you might need the obnoxiously big ones, you might not! And any pajamas you bring id make sure it’s like a gown, because it will be hard to stuff that pad in yoga pants😂


Toiletries the hospital should have. pack yourself a leaving outfit, nursing needs, slippers yoir own nightgown something to throw your hair back out of your way snacks or change for vending machine

Comfortable shoes that are easy to put on and comfy underwear

Something i didn’t plan for, needing a pillow in order to sit down in the car. I had a round throw that ended up working out perfectly.