What should I pack in my hospital bag?

What are some good thing to pack for the hospital bag? I am having my 2nd baby and I didn’t pack a bag for the first one my husband had to rush pack one


When I had my second my aunt surprised me with a very nice nighty and a makeup case with a mirror. I thought she was crazy. But I said what the heck. I got a shower and put on that night gown and sat up in bed and applied the makeup. It did me a world of good.

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A couple pairs of socks. Maybe slippers. I always bought my own blanket. A few nightgowns. Phone charger. A few books. Maybe some change for the candy machines. Shampoo. Body wash.

Phone charger and clothes for going home. Call your hospital and ask what they suggest you to bring. My 1st baby i bought everything. I needed nothing. They give you everything. Even baby things… bring a spare bag for free stuff

Nothing u will be fine, had 3 kid’s naturally, Never took a bag,u need nothing darlin , just go to the hospital.


Chapstick, bathroom stuff like shampoo, hairbrush, phone charger, clothes to go home in for everyone

Different size onesies. I only packed new born size and had to send my boyfriend home to get me a size 3 months! I wasn’t expecting a 9lbs 12oz baby girl! :flushed::rofl:

Clothes for baby, clothes for you, snacks, slippers and socks, blanket or pillow if u want. Cell charger and toiletries is really all you need

For my first baby, I forgot to pack a bag until my water broke so i rushed to grab clothes. Grabbed clothes out of the dirty bin instead of the clean clothes bin lol. And grabbbed nothing else. I was a messsss lol

Ponytails, chapstick & some bomb ass snacks for after the babies born lol