What should I pack in my kids lunch for her trip to the zoo?

I have a question. My daughters school is taking her to the zoo. They’ve asked that we send a disposable lunch sack with her for her trip. What would I be able to bring with her like that? That like won’t get bad?

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pb & j, some chips, maybe a little package of cookies or something or some fruit snacks in a plastic bag or paper bag!

Ziplock bag! Freeze the juice, water, Capri sun, & or gogurt use that as an ice pack. You can pack anything your child likes to eat because you have a ice pack & it will stay good.

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Lunchable, banana, cookies,frozen yogurt juice pb &J are a few options

Use a gallon size ziploc and write her name in sharpie. Freeze a small water or a juice bag, it’ll work as your ice pack and melt before lunch. Pack foods you know she eats. Sandwich, boiled eggs, fruit, raw veggies with ranch or hummus, crackers, popcorn, chips, pickles, lunchable, cheese, yogurt, slim jims, applesauce pouches, fruit cups. That’s the kind of stuff that goes into my daughters lunchbox everyday and it holds up well in a ziploc when they go on field trips. Just remember not to send any containers or silverware, everything in ziplocs because it will be thrown away