What should my neice do on our cruise?

I have a 10 year old niece (she started her period at 9). She wears pads and really has no interest in tampons, which is completely fine. However, I am taking her on a cruise next month and according to her app, she will be on her period (maybe just getting off of it). This is a rare opportunity for her and I would hate for her to miss out on the water activities during this trip due to her period. How would you handle this?


Period underwear and they have bathing suits too! My daughter loves them…check out ruby love


Take her on the cruise. Buy her pads or underwear specifically for periods. What she uses outside of pads is a discussion for her and her mom. You aren’t her guardian.


Period underwear to wear underneath her swim suit! That’s what my daughter does!


I have a 13 year old and she don’t even wear tampons


I believe they have period underwear or swimsuits


She said it’s totally fine, just looking for other options. Why do people get so pressed over everything :woozy_face::woozy_face:


wow that’s early for a period too, wow

They have period underwear and swimwear that works pretty well.

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Thinx new underwear!!! Wear under the swimsuit bottoms or some boy shorts

Reusable water proof pads

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Leave it up to her. Personally I think 10 is way too young for tampons. Not sure if you’re her guardian but that should also be a conversation with mom.

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She’s to young for tampons…

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Period Panties are good for swimming and make them for her age. They make them specifically as swim wear too

I got my daughters those period swim suits for that reason. They work really well.

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I bought my girl a period bathing suit from ruby love. You can hand wash it each night and hang dry in the bathroom. I would get two and that way you can swap them if not dry in the AM.

My kids will wear regular panties with their normal pads under their bathing suit. Maybe a pair of swim shorts on top of that so it doesn’t show

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Period Underwear, They also make bathing suits. hands down. You can order them on Amazon or Walmart carries them

I don’t get the issue…I always went swimming on my period…and just showered afterwards. Like…who gives a crap…

Look up period panties and swimwear!

I don’t believe anyone who is Not a grown woman should use tampons


I believe she already stated the young lady does not want to use a tampon! So you can stop the  dissertation over that